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The Institute for Election Systems Development (IESD) is an organization founded in 1999 to promote democracy in Russia.[1]


IESD was founded in 1999 as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems withdrew from Russia.[1] IESD inherited both the programs started by IFES and IFES's Election Resource Center, a group of references created to support the Central Election Commission of Russia.[2]


According to their website IESD:

  • promotes democracy in Russia by providing technical assistance and comprehensive and objective information to all participants of the election process.[1]
  • strives to enhance the public trust for democracy as the basis of the civil society.[1]

In achieve these goals they, according to their website:

  • Disseminate information about elections to ensure that the election process is transparent.[1]
  • Educate participants of the election process on the basic, generally acknowledged principles of election campaign ethics, elections per se, and subsequent responsibilities elected deputies have with respect to their voters.[1]



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