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The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) is a leading British centre of research and consultancy on human resources and employment.[1][2] Its research is frequently cited in the mainstream national media.[3]


The IES was established in 1969 on the campus of Sussex University, as the Institute of Manpower Studies. It was initially led by Sir Peter Allen, then Deputy Chairman of ICI, and Willis Jackson, Baron Jackson of Burnley.[4]

In 1994 it was renamed to its current title. In 2009 it relocated to central Brighton.[5]

Key people[edit]

Its current President is Sir Richard Sykes.[6]

IES' Vice-President and Chair of its Board is David Smith. Previous office-holders include Stephen Haddrill (2007–2011)[1] and Sheila Forbes.

Other notable current Council members include Brendan Barber.

As of 2012 the Director of the Institute is Nigel Meager, who succeeded Richard Pearson (1992–2004).[7]


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