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Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Former name
FounderJoshua Rosenthal
Location, ,
AffiliationsNational College Credit Recommendation Service
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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is an American online nutrition school headquartered in New York City that offers a health coach training program. The school provides nutrition education in addition to business training to prepare students to start their own health coaching practices.[1]


The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, previously known as Gulliver's, was founded in 1992 by Joshua Rosenthal, a health counselor and former owner of a natural food store.[2] IIN initially offered in-person classes in New York before transitioning to an online learning platform.[3] The school trains counselors in the practice of integrative nutrition, a broad approach to health that does not subscribe to one particular dietary theory.[2][4]


IIN's curriculum includes courses in nutrition, health and wellness concepts, and coaching and business skills.[5] It centers around the concepts of bioindividuality and primary foods,[4] which explain that health is based on more than just nutrition and includes other factors such as healthy relationships, physical activity, spiritual practice and a fulfilling career.[6]

IIN has hosted several professionals in health and nutrition as guest teachers. Deepak Chopra, Mehmet Oz, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Geneen Roth have been speakers at IIN.[4][7]

Accreditation and educational partnerships[edit]

IIN is not recognized by the Department of Education.[8] The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is a member of the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) and has been a licensed vocational school by the New York State Education Department since 2009.[5][9]

IIN graduates can earn continuing education units (CEUs) through partner schools that have approved them.[1] IIN's partner universities include Purchase College,[10] Maryland University of Integrative Health,[11] Goddard College,[12] California Institute of Integral Studies,[13] Excelsior College[14] and Saybrook University.[15] IIN graduates with bachelor's degrees can also enroll in the International Health Coach University's master's program.[16]


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