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Institute for Sustainable Communication
Type 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Purpose Promote Environmental sustainability in advertising
Headquarters New York City[1]
  • United States
Oya Demirli, William Hilson, Connie Ohlsten, Dave Ellis and Giancarlo Bisone (Emeritus)[1]
Main organ
board of directors
Formerly called
Woodside Institute Inc.[1]

The Institute for Sustainable Communication, (ISC), was founded in 2003[2] and is a non-profit organization that is devoted to sustainability through the printing, digital media and advertising industries.[3] These fields are known together as Graphic Communication. ISC has developed three programs to assist in broadening the use of sustainable business methods: fellowship and mentoring, research and consulting, and education and outreach.[4]


The Institute for Sustainable Communication provides consultation services to existing graphic communication businesses interested in becoming trained in new industry skills and improving their carbon footprint on the environment. A company's carbon footprint is determined by the human effect on the environment through green house gasses, paper waste, and pollution of volatile organic compounds found in inks. Through these consultations, ISC provides evaluation reports for graphic communication businesses.[5]

AIGA Print Design and Environmental Responsibility Report[edit]

The Institute for Sustainable Communication collaborated with the American Institute of Graphic Arts to develop a guide to sustainable business practices. The guide is titled "Print Design and Environmental Responsibility."[6]


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