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The Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (IHAC) is a graduate research institute on ancient history, ancient languages, and achaeology at the Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China (Jilin Province). The IHAC was the first Chinese institute to establish chairs and academic research positions for Assyriology, Hittitology, Egyptology, and (Western) Classics (Latin and Greek Philology).

The Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations was founded in 1984, after the Chinese professors Zhou Gucheng (Fudan University), Wu Yujin (Wuhan University), and Lin Zhichun (Northeast Normal University) jointly appealed to the Ministry of Education to establish such an institution.

Since 1986, the IHAC annually publishes the Journal of Ancient Civilizations (JAC). The JAC aims to publish the work of Chinese and international scholars dealing with history, art, archaeology, philology, and linguistics of the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean region. The articles in this international journal are written in English, German, or French. Normally, the faculty staff is Chinese. But annually, three special research and teaching positions are explicitly reserved for foreign visiting professors.

List of Chinese scholars at IHAC[edit]

  • Lin Zhichun (founder of the IHAC)
  • Wu Yuhong (Assyriology, late director)
  • Zhang Qiang (Classics, director)
  • Guo Dantong (Egyptology)
  • Li Xiaodong (Egyptology)

List of foreign experts (visiting professors)[edit]

List of graduates from IHAC[edit]

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Foreign Experts
Egyptology Classics Assyriology
1984-1987 Rainer Hannig (Germany)
1987-1997 Ruth Taylor-Briggs (UK) (1994-5)
1997-1998 Sheldon Lee Gosline (USA) Antony Keen (UK) Lester Ness (USA) Farouk Al-Rawi (Iraq/UK)
2002-2004 Peter Beylage (Germany) Victor Rebrik (Russia)
2004-2006 Mirco Hüneburg (Germany) Marie-Francoise Besnier (France)
2006-2008 Peter Beylage (Germany) 2006-2011 Oliver Wehr (Germany) 2005-2007 Wayne Horowitz (Israel) 2006-2007
2008-2009 Juan Pablo Sanchez Hernandez (Spain)2009-2014
2009-2010 Nicolas Gailhard (France)
2013-2014 Kim Ridealgh (UK) Elizabeth Wheat (UK)
2014-2015 Åke Engsheden (Sweden) Sven Günther (Roman History and Latin Language; Germany)

Matylda Obryk (Greek History and Language; Germany/Poland)

Alvise Matessi (Italy)
2015-2017 Maria Cannata (Italy/UK)