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Institute of Education and Research (IER)
শিক্ষা ও গবেষণা ইনস্টিটিউট
IER, Dhaka University.jpg
TypeSemi-autonomous Institute under University of Dhaka
DirectorProfessor Sayeda Tahmina Akhter
Academic staff
52 [1]
Undergraduates600 [2]
Postgraduates700 [3]
23°44′06″N 90°23′37″E / 23.735015°N 90.393582°E / 23.735015; 90.393582Coordinates: 23°44′06″N 90°23′37″E / 23.735015°N 90.393582°E / 23.735015; 90.393582[4]
CampusUrban, located at Shahbag

The Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka [5](Bengali: শিক্ষা ও গবেষণা ইনস্টিটিউট, ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়), (also known as IER, University of Dhaka or simply IER), is the oldest and biggest institution for the study of Education in Bangladesh. The institute of Education and Research was established as the first institute of the University of Dhaka with the technical and financial assistance of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It is run by the Second Statute Under President's Order of 1973 and governed by a separate Board of Governors headed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University.u

Bachelor of Education (Honors) Program[edit]

In the mid-nineties IER felt the necessity of preparing specialized manpower for different sectors of Education. With a view to proving solid foundation required for such specialization, a 3-year Bachelor of Education (Honors) program was introduced from the session 1994–95. Keeping pace with the duration of undergraduate programs of other disciplines of the University, IER extended the duration of Bachelor of Education (Honors) program from 3 years to 4 years.

Departments of IER[edit]

With the aim of preparing competent for different specialized areas of education, IER has reconstructed its departments. Now M.Ed, M.Phil and Ph.D programs are offered under the following ten departments.

  • Department of Pre-Primary and Primary Education (PPE)
  • Department of Language Education (LE)
  • Department of Social Science Education (SSE)
  • Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (SMTE)
  • Department of Curriculum and Instructional Technology (CIT)
  • Department of Educational Administration (EA)
  • Department of Educational Psychology and Guidance (EPG)
  • Department of Educational Evaluation and Research (EER)
  • Department of Non-formal and Continuing Education (NFCE)
  • Department of Special Education (PPE)

Offering Diploma/Degree[edit]

IER offers the following teaching programs leading to Diploma/Degree in Education

  • Four-year Bachelor of Education (Honors)
  • One-year Master of Education
  • (One-year and Two-year) Part-time Master of Education
  • Two-year M.Phil
  • Ph.D


IER publishes a journal under the title "Teacher's World" bi-yearly. The journal provides an opportunity to publish research and creative articles by the faculty members and other professionals.

Notable alumni[edit]


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