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The Institute of Leadership & Management
Non- Profit Organisation
Founded 1947
Headquarters Tamworth, UK
Products professional membership, research, publications

The Institute of Leadership & Management is a professional membership body for leaders and managers around the world. Its mission is to inspire great leadership - everywhere.[1]


Membership of The Institute of Leadership & Management is open to leaders and managers of all levels, including those with no practical experience. There is trial membership — for individuals taking ILM qualifications. Some organisations that are involved with personal development, such as The Scout Association also highlight the availability of membership.[2]

Five grades of membership entitle the member to use post-nominal letters - Affiliate (AInstLM), Associate Member (AMInstLM), Member (MInstLM), Fellow (FInstLM) and Companion (CInstLM). The highest grade is Companionship — for senior executives selected by the Institute. Membership is validated by an official membership certificate.

Members are offered access a range of services to help with their Continuous professional development (CPD), although this isn't mandatory, including access to e-books, electronic learning materials, and paid-for events.


The Institute of Leadership & Management carries out research into leadership and management in practice, providing insights for managers and leaders and publishing findings in white papers, research reports and journals. The institute takes a collaborative approach, preferring to work with like-minded individuals and organisations in defining research topics and undertaking research activity.

Training and Qualifications[edit]

The Institute of Leadership & Management offers a wide range of learning resources to support the continuous professional development of leaders and managers in a variety of organisations and settings.

Developed over many years of research and insight into best practice, a range of regulated qualifications are now delivered under the distinct 'ILM' brand by the City & Guilds Group.[3][4][5][6]

These ILM qualifications are practically based, designed to complement the individual’s role at work. Aligned to the UK’s Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), ILM qualifications begin at level 2, such as the ILM Award in Team Leading, and continue up to level 7, such as the ILM Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Executive Management. ILM also offers NVQs; these include the Level 5 NVQ in Management. Other specialist qualifications cover skills in volunteer management, business start-up, coaching, and personnel management. All ILM qualifications have been accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).[7]


Edge is the Institute's quarterly in-house magazine, looking at the latest leadership and management issues. It is published by LID Publishing. The magazine is distributed to members as part of a range of benefits and learning resources.


The Institute of Supervision and Management (ISM) was founded in 1947 by J.K. Evans M.B.E.[8] The Institute of Leadership & Management was formed in November 2001 through the merger of the Institute of Supervision and Management (ISM) and the National Examining Board for Supervision and Management (NEBS).

The Institute is a charity registered in England, Wales and Scotland, with its head office in Tamworth, Staffordshire and members in countries across the world.


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