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The Institute of Mathematical Statistics is an international professional and scholarly society devoted to the development, dissemination, and application of statistics and probability. The Institute currently has about 4,000 members in all parts of the world. Beginning in 2005, the institute started offering joint membership with the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability as well as with the International Statistical Institute. The Institute was founded in 1935 with Harry C. Carver and Henry L. Rietz as its two most important supporters. The institute publishes a variety of journals, and holds several international conference every year.


The Institute publishes five journals:

In addition, it co-sponsors:

There are also some affiliated journals:

Furthermore, five journals are supported by the IMS:


The IMS selects an annual class of Fellows who have demonstrated distinction in research or leadership in statistics or probability.[1]


Meetings gives scholars and practitioners a platform to present research results, disseminate job opportunities and exchange ideas with each other. The IMS holds an annual meeting called Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM),[2] and sponsors multiple international meetings, for example, Spring Research Conference (SRC).[3]

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