Institute of World Economy and International Relations

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Institute of World Economy and International Relations
Институт мировой экономики и международных отношений
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Established1956 (1956)
Field of research
Economics, Political Science, International Relations
DirectorFyodor Voytolovskiy
LocationMoscow, Russia
55°40′29″N 37°33′41″E / 55.6747°N 37.5613°E / 55.6747; 37.5613Coordinates: 55°40′29″N 37°33′41″E / 55.6747°N 37.5613°E / 55.6747; 37.5613
AffiliationsRussian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations (Russian: Институт мировой экономики и международных отношений), or IMEMO, is a leading independent research institute based in Moscow, Russia.

Founded in 1956 as a successor to the earlier Institute of World Economy and Politics (1925–1948), the institute is a non-profit organization acting within the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It publishes the academic journal World Economy and International Relations.

IMEMO is the organizer of the international summit "Primakov Readings".

About the institute[edit]

IMEMO is a center of scientific thought, analyzing the economic, domestic, foreign, and military policies of Western and developing countries as well as a wider range of global problems, the world economy, and international relations. The institute carries out comparative research on a variety of issues concerning contemporary world progress from the point of view of Russia's national interests and its integration into the world economy. Great importance is attached to analysis of changes in economic, political, and social relations in the world community and their significance for strengthening international security and stability and promoting international cooperation. IMEMO is committed to fundamental and applied studies, independent analysis, and a democratic viewpoint.

Annual Budget: RUB 90.2 million (2003)

Staff: 556 (449 research, 107 administrative/support), 58 visiting.[1]

The IMEMO conducts among others research on the following areas:

  • forecasting and analysis of the world economy;[citation needed]
  • international relations and politics;[citation needed]
  • economic and socio-political developments in foreign countries, such as the USA, Japan, European and the Third World countries;[citation needed]
  • problems of the transition period in Russia (politics, economics and cultural affairs).[citation needed]

It has become a center for fundamental and applied socio-economic, political and strategic research. Many members of Russian political elite, journalists and representatives of Media business have been on the IMEMO staff, among them former minister of foreign affairs I.S.Ivanov and others.[2]

Primakov Readings[edit]

"Primakov Readings" – is the international summit aimed at promoting dialogue on current global trends in the world economy, international politics and security among high-ranking experts, diplomats and decision-makers from around the Globe named in honor of the academician Yevgeny Primakov. The summit takes place annually in Moscow and is organized by IMEMO.


  • Department of Science and Innovation
  • Department of Global Economic Problems and Foreign Economic Policy
  • Department of Economic Theory
  • World Economy Forecasting Section
  • Department of International Capital Markets
  • Center for Industrial and Investment Studies
  • Center for Energy Research
  • Center for Research in Transitional Economies
  • Agribusiness Center
  • Group for Analysis of Price formation, Inflation and Taxation
  • Section of Economic Modeling
  • Department of International Politics
  • Section for Political Theory
  • Center for International Security
  • Center for North American Studies
  • Center for European Studies
  • Department for European Political Studies
  • Center for Asia Pacific Studies
  • Center for Development and Modernization Studies
  • Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Socio-Political Studies


Directors of the Institute[edit]

Current Board of Directors[edit]

  • President: Alexander Dynkin
  • Director: Fyodor Voytolovskiy
  • First Deputy Director: Natalya Ivanova
  • Deputy Directors for Scientific Work:
    • Vasily Mikheyev
    • Alexey Kuznetsov
    • Evgeniy Gontmaher
  • Further members of the Directorate

Noted researchers[edit]


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