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The University of California (UC) Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation is a multicampus research organization (MRU) based at the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla, San Diego, California.[1] The institute, founded in 1983 by Dr. Herbert York, researches issues relating to international conflict and the promotion of international cooperation.[2] Interests of the institute include security, environmental, and economic policy, arms control, security and nuclear non-proliferation.[3] The institute is among the largest providers of dissertation and fellowship grants for students of international studies in the United States.[4]

List of Directors[5][edit]

  • Susan Shirk, IGCC Director (2006- )
  • Henry D. I. Abarbanel, Research Director for Science and Security
  • Eli Berman, Research Director for International Security Studies
  • Josh Graff Zivin, Research Director for International Environmental and Health Policy
  • Steven Spiegel, IGCC Research Director for the Middle East


Past IGCC Directors[edit]


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