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Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) is a series of workshop events organised by UKOLN to provide professional development for web managers, policy makers, developers, designers and information professionals related to the UK's higher and further education communities.

The workshops aim to provide an opportunity for discussion and debate amongst the participants. A small number of plenary talks address key areas of interest. However the main focus of the workshop centres on the parallel sessions, discussion groups and debates which enable participants to be actively engaged with the issues facing those involved in the provision of institutional Web management services.

The workshop series began with a two-day event held at King's College London on 16 –17 July 1997. Following the success of the initial event, in 1998 the event was extended to a 3-day format. In 2011 due to the economic climate the event reverted to a 2-day format but returned to a 3-day format the following year.

Noteworthy Incident at IWMW 2005[edit]

The IWMW 2005 event was the first time a WiFi network was available for use by the participants. As described in a paper on Using Networked Technologies To Support Conference this was an early example of an Amplified conference with the provision of a number of networked technologies being used to support the event. The 7 July 2005 London bombings took place midway through the event. Participants who were making use of the network were first alerted to the news on the event's IRC channel, and a record of the discussions when the participants first became aware of the significance of this news is available.

Full List Of IWMW Events[edit]

Table of IWMW Events
Event Location Link Theme
IWMW 2016 Liverpool John Moores University IWMW 2016 Web site Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services
IWMW 2015 Edge Hill University IWMW 2015 Web site Beyond Digital: Transforming the Institution
IWMW 2014 Northumbria University IWMW 2014 Web site Rebooting the Web
IWMW 2013 University of Bath IWMW 2013 Web site What Next?
IWMW 2012 University of Edinburgh IWMW 2012 Web site Embedding Innovation
IWMW 2011 University of Reading IWMW 2011 Web site Responding to Change
IWMW 2010 University of Sheffield IWMW 2010 Web site The Web in Turbulent Times
IWMW 2009 University of Essex IWMW 2009 Web site -
IWMW 2008 University of Aberdeen IWMW 2008 Web site The Great Debate
IWMW 2007 University of York IWMW 2007 Web site Next Steps for the Web Management Community
IWMW 2006 University of Bath IWMW 2006 Web site Quality Matters
IWMW 2005 University of Manchester IWMW 2005 Web site Whose Web Is It Anyway?
IWMW 2004 University of Birmingham IWMW 2004 Web site Transforming The Organisation
IWMW 2003 University of Kent at Canterbury IWMW 2003 Web site Supporting Our Users
IWMW 2002 University of Strathclyde IWMW 2002 Web site The Pervasive Web
IWMW 2001 Queen's University Belfast IWMW 2001 Web site Organising Chaos
IWMW 2000 University of Bath IWMW 2000 Web site The Joined-Up Web
IWMW 1999 Goldsmiths College, London IWMW 1999 Web site The Next Steps
IWMW 1998 Newcastle University IWMW 1998 Web site Institutional Web Management
IWMW 1997 King's College London IWMW 1997 Web site Running An Institutional Web Service