Instituto de Banca y Comercio

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Instituto de Banca y Comercio
Logo IBC.jpg
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TypePrivate, For-Profit, Technical
PresidentGuillermo Nigaglioni
Administrative staff
CampusSan Juan, Ponce, Mayagüez, Caguas, Manatí, Cayey, Fajardo, Guayama, Humacao, Carolina, Arecibo, Bayamón

Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC) is a private, for-profit college-level institution with multiple locations in Puerto Rico. It offers short training programs and associate degrees.


Instituto de Banca y Comercio was founded by Fidel Alonso-Valls in 1974 in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where it only had two classrooms and 15 students. Initially, it was an institution specialized in preparing tellers for the banking industry in Puerto Rico. Hence its original name, International Banking School.

Since then, it has focused on training for careers that are in highest demand on the Island. It currently has 12 campuses and eight learning sites, over 21,000 students, and approximately 1,600 employees.

In March 2007, Instituto de Banca y Comercio was acquired by Leeds Equity Partners, an investment firm in New York. It was merged into National University College an independent proprietary university.


Since 1978, Instituto de Banca y Comercio is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award diplomas. All of its programs are authorized by the Puerto Rico Council of Education. The campuses in San Juan (2006) and Ponce (2009) are authorized by the Puerto Rico Council of Education's Higher Education Division, and accredited by ACICS to award associate degrees. All the units are authorized by the U. S. Department of Education to participate in the Title IV programs of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.

The school is also approved to accept students via Vocational Rehabilitation, Work Investment Act (WIA), Corrections Administration, and approved for the training of students under the various GI Bill programs.


IBC locations' map


  • San Juan (1975)
  • Ponce (1983)
  • Mayagüez (1984)
  • Cayey (1986)
  • Guayama (1986)
  • Manatí (1992)
  • Fajardo (1991)
  • Caguas (2000)
  • Humacao (2008)
  • Carolina (2009)
  • Arecibo (2009)
  • Bayamón (2010)

Learning Sites

  • Adjuntas
  • Aguadilla
  • Barranquitas
  • Lajas
  • Los Colobos
  • Moca
  • Naranjito
  • Yauco


Instituto de Banca y Comercio is a member of EduK Group, Inc. The group was initially organized in 2004 as the advisory entity for its member institutions. Founded and headquartered in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, the member institutions include four colleges (Instituto de Banca y Comercio, National University College, Ponce Paramedical College, and Florida Technical College) and two specialized schools (Digital Animation and Visual Effects (DAVE) School and LaSalle Computer Learning Center).

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