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Instytut Sobieskiego (The Sobieski Institute) is a think tank founded in Poland in 2004, known for its political advocacy of the Polish conservative political movements and its support of Poland's social conservative party Law and Justice , which governed Poland from 2005 to 2007 and which won Poland's 2015 general elections.

It is committed to a conservative, liberal state, Polish independence within the European Union and is an advocate of economic freedom. It also supports a social order based on natural law and a strong position of religion in the society.

The main areas of interest of its experts and analysts are security and defense policy, energy policy, international relations, law, public finance and information and communication technologies in education.

It publishes a political journal Międzynarodowy Przęgląd Polityczny (The International Political Review), which reports on the latest developments in political thought from major neoconservative political centres in Europe and United States.

Instytut Sobieskiego is a member of the Stockholm Network.

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