Insular region of Colombia

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Insular region
Mapa de Colombia (región Insular).svg
BiomeMarine, Mangroves, Coral Reefs
Country Colombia
Oceans or seasCaribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean
Climate typeTropical

The insular region of Colombia includes the oceanic islands outside the continental territory. In the Caribbean this includes the San Andrés and Providencia Islands near Central America and the many coastal islands along mainland Colombia. In the Pacific it includes Gorgona Island and Malpelo Island. The ecosystems and wildlife found on these islands are the same as those found on their adjacent mainland areas. For example, the terrestrial habitat on Gorgona Island is tropical rainforest, similar to what is found in the Pacific lowlands of mainland Colombia.

Pacific islands[edit]

  • Gorgona Island (Isla Gorgona): 35 km (22 mi) off the coast of Cauca Department near the town of Guapi
  • Gorgonilla Island (Isla Gorgonilla): smaller island next to Gorgona Island
  • Malpelo Island (Isla Malpelo): 500 km (310 mi) off the Colombian coast
  • Palm Island (Isla Palma): at the mouth of Málaga Bay (Bahía Málaga)

Caribbean islands[edit]

Tropical monsoon climate in San Andrés island caribbean, Colombia.

Protected areas[edit]

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