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A draft guard is a piece of material, usually a plastic-like foam, usually with a harder foam pole inside, that is put under a door that stops outside cold/warm air from coming into a building through the door. A draft guard is also used on windows to keep cold/warm air from enter a building through windows. Draft guards are usually used on doors and windows that lead outside but sometimes are used on doors and windows that lead to colder rooms. Some draft guards are made to look like dogs and other objects.

Twin draft guards[edit]

Some companies like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and many other companies that sell draft guards choose to sell twin draft guards. This restricts even more airflow from entering a building. The warm or cold air in the building is pushed backward and the warm or cold air outside the building is also pushed backward. Amazon's scientists say that draft guards can reduce a heating/cooling bill up to 15%.[citation needed]

Tape-like draft guards[edit]

Draft guards sometimes come in rolls like tape. To apply the draft guard you apply the adhesive to the surface it is needed. This type of draft guard is usually made out of rubber on one side and a sticky adhesive on the other side. The adhesive side is applied to the door/window. The cold/warm air goes through the adhesive but gets pushed back by the rubber. This type of draft guard costs less but isn't as efficient and may peel off after a while.

Fireplace draft guards[edit]

Fireplace draft guards restrict airflow when a fireplace/chimney is not in use. This type of draft guard is usually made out of metal. It is placed on the fireplace/chimney opening. Some fireplace draft guards have designs on them. Fireplace draft guards can even have hinges on them so they are easier to move and so that they look like part of the fireplace and not just a board of metal.

Other uses[edit]

  • Blocks out fumes
  • Blocks out odors
  • Blocks out noises
  • Keeps out insects[citation needed]