Insurance Data Processing

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Insurance Data Processing

Insurance Data Processing (IDP) is a software and services vendor based in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

IDP makes insurance software for property and casualty insurance carriers and agencies; IDP also provides statistical (bureau) reporting services and project planning consultation.


IDP was founded in 1949 by a group of five insurance companies and a reinsurance brokerage firm. These six entities formed a cooperative accounting and statistical unit; subsequent growth resulted in the formation of Mutual Tabulating Services, Inc. in 1953.

Over the next ten years, with the increasing use of computers in business operations, the company entered the field of computer-based data processing. In 1961, the name of the corporation was changed to Insurance Data Processing, Incorporated.

In 1967, IDP was acquired by Marsh & McLennan, Inc. (Guy Carpenter & Co., Inc.), and in 1985 it became a part of the Carlino Financial Group. In 1997, ownership evolved into a Carlino/Gilbert partnership.

Today, Insurance Data Processing, Inc, is known as IDP, or IDP::Insurance Data Processing, Inc. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Wyncote, PA, IDP also has facilities located in Solon, Ohio.

Software and Services[edit]

IDP's software is divided into two product platforms: IDP::Vision, a policy processing application hosted by IDP (Software as a Service); and IDP::Software, a line of policy administration applications that IDP sells separately or as a unit.

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