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The 'Insurance Institute of India' is an insurance education society of underwritting professionals established in 1955 in Mumbai[1] for the purpose of imparting insurance education to persons engaged or interested in insurance. The institute conducts examinations at various levels. It is the professional institute in India devoted solely to insurance-related education.

Certificates and Diplomas are awarded by the institute to successful candidates. These are recognised by the Government of India, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) and insurers in India and abroad. These qualifications are recognised by similar institutes in the UK, Canada and the United States, for grant of exemption from some of their papers. The Sri Lanka Insurance Institute and the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan are also affiliated to the institute.

Applicants can specialise in life insurance underwritting or general insurance/non-life underwritting branch. Examinations are held for several awards:

  1. Certificate in insurance salesmanship (CIS)
  2. Licenciate, Associate, Fellowship.(Underwritter)


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