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Origin England
Genres New wave, synthpop
Instruments Piano, synthesizer
Years active 1983–1984
Labels Chrysalis Records
Associated acts

Simon F,

Used To

Intaferon was a short-lived English new wave duo, consisting of Simon Fellowes and Simon Gillham.[1] They were signed to Chrysalis Records.[2] Their song, "Get Out of London" (produced by Martin Rushent) was featured in the 2001 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Winning London.[3]

Singles were often featured on the channel four show Max Headroom.[4]

Simon Fellowes, after releasing two further albums as Simon F[5] and another using the moniker F Machine, is now an author. He has three published novels - Don't Breathe the Air,[6][7] and My Name is Ferdinand [8] (Strata Books) and 10 Dead Mexicans.

Simon Gillham gained a BA and an MA in Philosophy and undertook a PhD on Nietzsche, then embarked on a career as a Philosophy lecturer. In 2015 he formed the band "Used To", releasing several singles.



  • "Steamhammer Sam" (1983) No. 77 (music video featured Jack Watson)
  • "Get Out of London" (1983) No. 93
  • "Baby Pain" (1984) (also released on Simon F's 1985 solo album Gun)

Simon Fellowes released other solo singles as Simon F, including "American Dream" and "Love Bomb".

In 2015, Simon Gillham formed the band "Used To" and released several singles.


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