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Intaglio 11.png
Location(s)Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Years active20
Attendance15,000 participant registrations, 190 companies
Patron(s)Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Intaglio is the annual international Business school summit hosted by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. The flagship event of IIM-C, it was started in 1989 as the National Business School Meet (NBSM).[1] Intaglio, traditionally held over a 3-day weekend in December, serves as a platform facilitating the interaction of eminent personalities from the industry, academia, media and government, holding conferences, workshops and seminars by experts in different fields on a wide range of topics.

Intaglio in 2007 became the first event of its kind in India to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 certification from the International Organization for Standardization.[2]

In 2010, Intaglio got the distinction of being the first carbon-neutral B-school event in India. This is being done through a number of environment-friendly measures such as using notepads and bags made of recycled paper and encouraging the use of social networking sites, emails and SMSes to publicise the event.[3]

Reflecting the Golden Jubilee of IIM Calcutta, the theme of Intaglio 2011 was "Perspectives at 50... Genesis of a new tomorrow".


The original version of Intaglio – The National Business School Meet – was started by the 25th Batch of IIM Calcutta in the year 1989. The meet consisted of a myriad of competitions viz. Strategy building competitions, presentation competition "Shastrarth" and the like.

The meet was rechristened "Intaglio" in the January 2002 edition.

Intaglio 2008-09 was held on the IIM Calcutta campus from 8 – 11 January 2009, this edition saw over 15,000 participants from more than 60 countries, and participation from 190 companies, The total prize money for winners across events amounted to INR 10 Lakhs.[4]

Every year, Intaglio organizes "Reverberations", a series of lectures by management and business leaders.

Showcase Events[edit]


Olympus is the flagship event of Intaglio. It aims at identifying the most promising future leader amongst the students of the 6 IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode, Lucknow) and select international B-schools.

In 2009, the event was won by Ms. Joo Yi from CEIBS, China.[5] Repeating the institute's success, the following 2010 edition of the event was won by Mr. John Timms from CEIBS, China.

Wizards of Biz[edit]

This boardroom challenge aims at testing the all round business acumen of the participants. This game requires the participants to allocate resources, battle uncertainty and tackle competition by making the most of the limited resources available. This is the first competition in the country to have in-house real time business simulation software. Prelims give the candidates a feel of running a full-scale business in a completely dynamic environment. Those who manage to clear the preliminary rounds are further put to test in the on-campus finals involving multiple rounds of business challenges where decision making and strategic thinking are prerequisites to survive. The final round is designed to match a high pressure boardroom battle where the participants don the hats of the top level management of a firm for the coveted title.


This event gives participants the opportunity to develop a wide range of policies and test them against the wits of equally capable competition and an esteemed panel.

Great Innovation Challenge[edit]

The Great Innovation Challenge tests the participants on creativity and innovation, qualities that differentiate an outstanding manager from a good one. The event gives participants the opportunity to work on live problems faced by Intaglio’s knowledge partners in a real life environment. An onsite field visit, interaction with company executives and thorough mentoring by the festival’s consulting partners helps participants get to the crux of the problem at hand and devise innovative solutions.

Consulting Knights[edit]

Intaglio’s Showcase event, Consulting Knights, challenges the participants with a comprehensive case developed with the fest’s corporate partners that tests their ability to understand the heart of the problem and search for answers. Traditionally, one of the most prestigious events at Intaglio, Consulting knights has seen participation from all over the world including the likes of NUS, Wharton etc.

Social Initiatives[edit]

Intaglio undertakes several social initiatives. In Intaglio 2008-09 started by holding team-building, creativity and public speaking workshops in Kendriya Vidyalaya School; this was a year-long initiative taken by the Intaglio team.

With 2009 being the year of general elections, Intaglio partnered ‘Jaago Re’ in spreading awareness about the elections to the youth of India. Furthermore, live events like inviting NGOs working with local artisans/children to exhibit their handiworks and screening daily social documentaries, were conducted.

For the online audiences, the stories and challenges Intaglio's partner NGOs faced were showcased. In the 2010-11 edition, these partnerships will be developed further to make them a permanent feature of Intaglio. Intaglio 2010-11 will feature events in collaboration with Antyodaya and Sunehra Kal, for which Intaglio has set up a corpus of INR 400,000 to support education and women empowerment.

Student Leadership Programme[edit]

With participation from more than 160 national & international business schools and over 175 corporates, SLP would provide students a platform to interact with some of the brightest minds from across a range of domains. SLP includes talks and panel discussions by eminent personalities like D Shivkumar, the head of Nokia India, S.K. Roongta, the Chairman of SAIL and the CEO of KKR, Joy Bhattacharya. In addition, students are also able to compete with participants from top Indian and international B-schools in On-campus events.

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