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Intaqam (1969).jpg
Directed byR. K. Nayyar
Produced byDewan A. D. Nayyar
Screenplay byDhruva Chatterjee
Madan Joshi (dialogues)
Story byR. K. Nayyar
StarringAshok Kumar
Sanjay Khan
Rajendra Nath
Music byLaxmikant-Pyarelal
CinematographyK.H. Kapadia
Edited byWaman Bhosle
Gurudutt Shirali
Release date

Intaqam (transl. Revenge) is a 1969 Bollywood thriller film directed by R. K. Nayyar. It starred Sanjay Khan and Sadhana in the lead, supported by Ashok Kumar, Jeevan, Rajendra Nath, Rehman, Helen and Anju Mahendru.

The film also features the first cabaret number sung by Lata Mangeshkar, "Aa Jaane Jaan", also a rarity through her career.[1] The song was picturized on Helen and choreographed by P. L. Raj. It also remains one of the most popular dance numbers of Helen's career.[2] The music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal, with lyrics by Rajinder Krishan and was popular with songs like "Hum Tumhare Liye". Lata was nominated in the Filmfare Best Female Playback Singer category for her song "Kaise Rahoon Chup", the only nomination for the film.[3]

The film was a success at the box office[4] and marked the return of actress Sadhana to films after her brief illness, and her husband directed the film.

It is a film adaptation of the 1912 play Within the Law (play), and there were prior film adaptations, including the American film Paid starring Joan Crawford. Intaqam was remade into the Telugu film Pagabattina Paduchu (1971), starring Sharada (actress) and the Marathi film Naav Motha Lakshan Khota (1977)


Reeta Mehra (Sadhana Shivdasani) lives a poor lifestyle along with her sick mother. She works in a small setup, part of the franchise owned by Sohanlal (Rehman). One day, her boss tries to send her to a businessman to entertain him, but she refuses. Because of that, he becomes angry and informs Sohanlal against her. Sohanlal manages to send her to one year of jail on charges of stealing jewelry from his shop.

By the time she comes out of jail, her mother has died and she pledges to take revenge on Sohanlal. On the other hand, Heeralal Mehra (Ashok Kumar), who was escaped the arrest one year back with the help of Reeta, comes searching for her. They retrieve the box he had given her previously to safeguard. To Reeta's surprise it contains valuable jewels. He tells her his story and how he was cheated by Sohanlal. About twenty years back, having no other way, Heeralal got arrested saving Sohanlal and Sohanlal promises him that he would take care of Heeralal's family. But when Heeralal returns, he finds out that Sohanlal used the money just for himself and wouldn't know what happened to his family.

Now both Reeta and Heeralal form a pact to take revenge on Sohanlal. They use Rajpal (Sanjay Khan), Sohanlal's only son for that purpose. Rajpal was an innocent, playful young man who falls easily for Reeta and deeply loves her. He marries her against the wishes of his father. Later he comes to know that Reeta just wanted to use him, but he still loves her and asks her to forget everything. But Reeta and Heeralal disagree with him and leave no opportunity to embarrass Sohanlal in public.

After some time, people start to talk about Sohanlal because of the behavior of his daughter-in-law. Annoyed and embarrassed, Sohanlal arranges for Reeta's murder. Heeralal kills a criminal to save Reeta, but Rajpal thinks that Reeta killed him and surrenders himself as the murderer. Heeralal wouldn't tell the truth as he was waiting for Sohanlal to suffer. Reeta realizes her love for Rajpal and feels bad that things came to this extent. At that time, Sohanlal sees a picture of Reeta's mother and recognizes her as Heeralal's wife. Heeralal at last comes to know that Reeta was no one but his daughter and he surrenders himself to the police to save Rajpal. He gets acquitted as he killed just to save an innocent person's life, but gets a one-year sentence for his previous crimes. Everybody forgets the past and reconciles.



The music of the film was composed by duo Laxmikant Pyarelal with lyrics by Rajinder Krishan. The song "Kaise Rahu Chup" evolved as a popular evergreen song.

  • "Hum Tumhare Liye" - Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
  • "Jo Unki Tamanna Hai" - Mohammad Rafi
  • "Kaise Rahoon Chup" - Lata Mangeshkar
  • "Geet Tere Saaz Ka" - Lata Mangeshkar
  • "Mehfil Soyi Aisa koi" - Lata Mangeshkar
  • "Aa Jaane Jaan" - Lata Mangeshkar


A cover version of the song "Aa Jaane Jaan" was featured in film, Hello Darling (2010) as an item number performed by Celina Jaitley.[5]


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