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Industry Life sciences
Founded 2003
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Key people
Prof. Thierry Langer, Dr. Gerhard Wolber, Prof. Hermann Stuppner

Inte:Ligand is a software company headquartered in Vienna, Austria. It provides software and services for chemical research, especially in the areas of drug discovery.

Inte:Ligand started in 2003 as a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck and was founded by Prof. Thierry Langer, Dr. Gerhard Wolber and Prof. Hermann Stuppner.

Researchers and scientists at Inte:Ligand have developed technology[1][2] for 3D pharmacophore development and virtual screening used in early drug development stages to make drug discovery more efficient to prevent failures in clinical trials. Applications include the discovery of new Myeloperoxidase ligands,[3] HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors,[4] applications in anti-viral bio-activity profiling,[5] the development of models to predict HIV Protease activity,[6] Cytochrome P450 activity prediction ,[7] and simulation models for the activity on Factor Xa.[8]

Science and Technology[edit]

  • LigandScout, a program to derive structure-focused 3D pharmacophores, molecular 3D alignment and 3D pharmacophore modeling.

Other companies and institutions providing drug discovery software[edit]

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