Integrated Defence Systems

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Integrated Defence Systems
Industry Defence
Headquarters Pakistan
Area served

Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) is a defence manufacturer based in Pakistan. IDS produces various defence products to the Pakistani armed forces and export customers.

Product line[edit]

  • IDS HUMA I Tactical UAV System - short range unmanned aerial vehicle for remote sensing and other tasks.[1]
  • HIJARA - air-delivered anti-tank cluster bomb unit, also known as TSD-1 (Top Attack Sub-munitions Dispenser). Contains 247 anti-tank bomblets with shaped charge warheads.[2]
  • Combined Effect Munition (CEM) - air-delivered cluster bomb unit. Contains a mixture of 247 anti-personnel, anti-armour and incendiary bomblets.[3]
  • Infra-red Flare - aircraft counter-measure for decoying heat-seeking missiles, jams in the 3-5 micrometre band. Designed to be deployed by ALE-29A, ALE-39 and ALE-47 counter-measures dispensers.[4]
  • Military batteries [5]


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