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Integrated arts practice refers to inter-disciplinary art, art research, development, production, presentation, or artistic creation of work that fully uses two or more art disciplines to create a work for a specific audience.

Related concepts[edit]

Integrated arts often also refers to hybrid art forms in which new practices are invented and/or combined.

Integrated arts practice is related to new media art, computer-based art, and web-based art.

While new media is more computer-centric, integrated media (integrated arts) often involves computers plus some other discipline. An example of integrated art that involves new media might be a musical performance done on a computerized interactive multimedia sculpture. An example of an Integrated Media Artist is Rob Dircks [1] or Victoria Gibson.[2]

In public media, integrated media and media meshing also refer to the use of multiple orthogonal and perhaps interactive forms, such as news releases, websites, polls, wikis, blogs or forum sources, rather than just a single broadcast mode.[3]


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