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Integrated business planning (IBP) refers to the technologies, applications and processes of connecting the planning function across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance.[1][2][3]

IBP represents an abstract model of the company[citation needed] in order to link strategic planning and operational planning with financial planning. The process that achieves this is called SiMPLE ( Smart Integrated Market-driven PLanning & Execution).[4]

Corporate executives, business unit heads and planning managers use IBP to evaluate plans and activities based on the economic impact of each consideration.



As illustrated right, planning is integrated across the enterprise, which enables decision makers to identify the activities that deliver the greatest financial impact across the company.


Companies use IBP to translate insight into financial impact by providing analyses such as:[citation needed]


IBP transforms planning into a decisive competitive advantage by:[citation needed]

  • Providing an integrated planning platform across marketing, operations and finance
  • Generating a holistic understanding of performance drivers
  • Quantifying the financial impact and interdependencies across planning alternatives
  • Optimizing strategic planning and resource allocation
  • Balancing sales and operations planning for profitability
  • Quantifying financial risk
  • Increasing business flexibility


IBP has been used to model and integrate the planning efforts in a number of applications, including:

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