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An Integration Bee is an annual integral calculus competition pioneered in 1981 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1] [2] Similar contests are now regularly conducted in major United States universities, including the University of Wisconsin,[3] the State University of New York,[4] the University of Florida,[5] and elsewhere.[6][7]

Non-U.S. competitions[edit]

A Philippines integration competition (often shortened as Integ Bee) was originally held four times at the University of the Philippines Diliman, located in Quezon City, Philippines, and sponsored by UP Physics Association (UPPA). Subsequently, the competition was scaled up to allow undergraduates of other Philippines universities to participate.[8] One typical event in 2014 at the Philippines National Institute of Physics, allowed contestants to test their accuracy and speed, capability in mental solving, and mastery in solving integrals.[8] The winner received a cash prize of 5,000 Philippine pesos (about 100 Euros or $113 US), whilst two runners-up received 1,000 pesos (about 20 Euros or $22 US).[9]

In 2014 the UPPA began a popular spin-off game entitled "Differentiation Bee," designed to test knowledge of derivatives and differential calculus through a shooting game. Higher-order terms are reduced to zero by hitting them with a laser, which transforms those terms into their derivatives.[10]


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