Intel 8089

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Pinout of Intel 8089

The Intel 8089 input/output coprocessor was available for use with the 8086/8088 central processor. It used the same programming technique as 8087 for input/output operations, such as transfer of data from memory to a peripheral device, and so reducing the load on the CPU.

Because IBM didn't use it in IBM PC design, it did not become well known; later I/O-coprocessors did not keep the x89 designation the way math coprocessors kept the x87 designation. It was used in the Apricot PC and the Intel Multibus iSBC-215 Hard disk drive controller.[1] It was also used in the Altos 586 multi-user computer.[2] Intel themselves used the 8089 in their reference designs (which they also commercialized) as System 86.[3]


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