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Intel 8288
Pinout of 8288

The Intel 8288 is a bus controller chip which is designed for Intel-8086/8087/8088/8089. The block is supplied in 20-pin DI. The 8086 (and 8088) operate in maximum mode, so they are configured primarily for multiprocessor operation or for working with coprocessors. They are generated by the 8288.[1]

Pin assignment and function for the control lines[edit]

Name Pin Input (I),
Output (O)
VCC 20 Input power (+5 V)
GND 10 Mass (0 V)
S0, S1, S2 19, 3, 18 I Status Input
CLK 2 I Clock
AEN 6 I Address Enable
CEN 15 I Command Enable
IOB 1 I Input/Output Bus Mode
MRDC 7 O Memory Read Command
MWTC 9 O Memory Write Command
AMWC 8 O Advanced Memory Write Command
IORC 13 O I/O Read Command
IOWC 11 O I/O Write Command
AIOWC 12 O Advanced I/O Write Command
INTA 14 O Interupt Acknowledge
DT/R 4 O Data Transmit/Receive
DEN 16 O Data Enable
MCE/PDEN 17 O MCE (when IOB is LOW), PDEN (wenn IOB is HIGH)
ALE 5 O Address Latch Enable


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