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Intel 8288
Pinout of 8288

The Intel 8288 is a bus controller designed for Intel 8086/8087/8088/8089. The chip is supplied in 20-pin DIP package. The 8086 (and 8088) operate in maximum mode, so they are configured primarily for multiprocessor operation or for working with coprocessors. Necessary control signals are generated by the 8288. It was used in the IBM PC, XT and its clones.[1] IBM PC AT used its successor Intel 82288.

Pin assignment and function for the control lines[edit]

Name Pin Input (I),
Output (O)
VCC 20 Input power (+5 V)
GND 10 Ground (0 V)
S0, S1, S2 19, 3, 18 I Status input
CLK 2 I Clock
AEN 6 I Address Enable
CEN 15 I Command Enable
IOB 1 I Input/Output Bus Mode
MRDC 7 O Memory Read Command
MWTC 9 O Memory Write Command
AMWC 8 O Advanced Memory Write Command
IORC 13 O I/O Read Command
IOWC 11 O I/O Write Command
AIOWC 12 O Advanced I/O Write Command
INTA 14 O Interupt Acknowledge
DT/R 4 O Data Transmit/Receive
DEN 16 O Data Enable
MCE/PDEN 17 O MCE (if IOB is LOW), PDEN (if IOB is HIGH)
ALE 5 O Address Latch Enable


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