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Intel Capital is a division of Intel Corporation, set up to manage Corporate venture capital, global investment, mergers and acquisitions. Intel Capital makes equity investments in a range of technology startups and companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, consumer Internet, digital media and semiconductor manufacturing.


Intel Capital was set up in 1991 by Les Vadasz, and Avram Miller.[1] It was originally called Corporate Business Development or CBD. At that time, the company mainly invested in American companies, and in 1998 95% of investment was in the USA. Over time, investment in non-US companies increased, and by 2012 international investments accounted for about 57%. Intel Capital has invested more than US$10.8 billion in over 1,280 companies in 54 countries.[2] In that timeframe over 200 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and more than 325 were acquired or participated in a merger.[3]

In 2014, Intel Capital has 26 offices around the world. Countries include Belgium, Brazil,[4] China, India,[5] Germany, Ireland, Japan, Israel, Nigeria,[6] Poland,[7] Russia,[8] Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey,[9] UK, USA

Notable Investments[edit]

Intel Capital has made a number of well reported investments around the globe. These include Actions Semiconductor,[10] AlterGeo,[11] AVG,[12] Bellrock Media,[13] Box,[14] Broadcom,[15] Cloudera,[16] CNET, Citrix Systems, Elpida Memory, Gaikai,[17] Gigya,[18],[19] Inktomi, Insyde Software,[20] Integrant Technologies, Kingsoft,[21] LogMeIn,,[22] Marvell, Mellanox, MongoDB,[23] MySQL,[24] NIIT, PCCW, Red Hat,[25], Research in Motion (Blackberry),[26] Saffron Technology,[27] Sasken,[28] Smart Technologies,[29] Sonda,[30], TechFaith,[31] VMware and WebMD. In 2014 Intel Capital has made $62 Mn investment in 16 tech startups,[32]


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