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Intellect Games made a series of board games in the 1970s. Many of these games were notable in that they did not rely on chance. The outcome of the games was dependent on tactics.


Hare and Tortoise (1974) — A race game where forward movement cost carrots, and moving backwards gained carrots. You also gained carrots by being in the right place at the right time, which required you to outguess your opponents.[1]

Worldbeater — A game linked with a brand of Dunlop tyres. Travel round the world visiting places, the more the better. Then come back again, re-visiting the same places.

Cabbie — Drive a taxi around London, avoiding traffic jams and collecting fares.

Thoughtwave (board game) — A simple track laying game, where each of two players has the same set of tiles to use to lay a continuous track across a board, while blocking your opponent, or making them run out of necessary tiles.


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