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Coordinates: 35°40′31″N 139°45′10″E / 35.675256°N 139.752912°E / 35.675256; 139.752912The Intellectual Property High Court (知的財産高等裁判所, Chiteki-zaisan kōtō-saiban-sho), sometimes abbreviated IPHC, is a special branch of Tokyo High Court in the judicial system of Japan. It is based in Kasumigaseki, a district in Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo, Japan.

Chief judges of the IP High Court
1. Katsumi Shinohara (April 2005 - April 2007).[1]
2. Tomokatsu Tsukahara (May 2007 - ca. August 2010).[1]
3. Tetsuhiro Nakano (since ca. August 2010)[2][3]

The Intellectual Property (IP) High Court was established on 1 April 2005,[4] in order to accelerate and reduce the costs of patent litigation in Japan.[5] The IP High Court hears appeals from district courts in Japan on patent actions and suits against appeal/trial decisions made by the Japan Patent Office (JPO).[4]


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