Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand

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Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand
Agency overview
Formed 1870 (New Zealand Patent Office)
Jurisdiction New Zealand
Headquarters 15 Stout Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Coordinates: 41°17′37″S 174°46′25″E / 41.293676°S 174.773549°E / -41.293676; 174.773549
Minister responsible
  • Jacqui Dean, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Agency executive
  • Ross van der Schyff, Commissioner of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Variety Rights
Parent agency Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) is a New Zealand government agency responsible for the granting and registration of intellectual property rights, specifically patent, trade mark, design and plant variety rights. It is part of the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. According to its website, IPONZ "aims to ensure people realise the full economic potential of their intellectual property."[1]


IPONZ has a long history, beginning with the establishment of the New Zealand Patent Office in 1870. It now administers the Patents Act 1953, Patents Act 2013, the Trade Marks Act 2002, the Designs Act 1953 and the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987.

Over the period from 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012, IPONZ received 17,675 trade mark applications, 6,253 patent applications including Patent Cooperation Treaty National Entry filings, and 1,283 design applications.[2]

Online services[edit]

IPONZ services are provided via its online case management facility. Its services include:

  • IPONZ Database - search for patents, trade marks, designs, plant variety rights and Hearing decisions for free.
  • IPONZ Renewals - applicant can renew their patent, trade mark or design online.
  • Lodge Application - apply online for a search and preliminary advice for trade marks and apply to register a trade mark, patent or design online.
  • Online Correspondence - submit and view your patent, trade mark and design correspondence online. Select from a range of document types including:
    • a response to your examination report or objections raised in your compliance report,
    • assignments, change of name or address requests,
    • requests for a certificate of Commissioner,
    • extension of time requests
  • Online Journal - search the intellectual property journals.

IPONZ email updates[edit]

IPONZ produces a short and concise eNewsletter containing important intellectual property information and updates.[3] Subscribers can elect to receive eNewsletters containing specific information of interest to them including:

  • Journal Publications (Patents, Trade Marks and Designs)
  • Plant Variety Rights Journal Publication
  • Decisions of the Commissioner
  • Practice Notes and Legislation
  • Online System Changes

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