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Software development
Industry Information technology
Predecessor DPM Consulting
Headquarters Canberra, Australia
Products Intelledox Infiniti

Intelledox Pty Ltd[1][1][2][3] (formally DPM Consulting) is a software development company that specializes in business process digitalization. Founded in 1992,[4] Intelledox began as a consulting business and soon evolved into a software company, developing software products such as learning management system Capabiliti LMS[5] and Intelledox Infiniti.

Intelledox Infiniti[6] was developed to address the market requirement[7][8] for software specifically designed to assist with the construction of repetitive documents[9][10] (document automation/ECM). Intelledox allows non-technical users to implement common Microsoft Word skills, to create reusable document components in a central repository, without the requirement of macros or coding.

Intelledox Pty Ltd is an Australian company headquartered in Canberra with offices in Singapore, New York, London and Toronto.[11][12]


Intelledox's software products help government and enterprises around the world to digitalize their business processes. Intelledox Infiniti customers use the software to produce documents such as licence applications, statements of work, financial advice, contracts, tenders, insurance forms, customer correspondence and technical manuals. These documents can be delivered in the form of a Word or PDF document, XML file, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, email, SMS and more.


Intelledox Infiniti is a mobile-ready business process digitalization platform built on Microsoft technology. It seamlessly integrates with other line of business applications such as Sharepoint, TRIM,[13] Microsoft Dynamics and more.

By using Microsoft Word as the document designer, users have the ability to publish templates and centralise the automation and generation of documents[14] with no scripting (IT) requirements.

Intelledox provides a user-friendly, browser-based, front-end Wizard, which allows non-technical users to create any type of standards-compliant document.[15]


Intelledox was awarded the Telstra 2014 ACT Business of the Year Award,[16] which celebrates Australian entrepreneurs and innovators.[17] It was a finalist in the 2013 Telstra ACT Business Awards,[18] was recognised on Anthill Magazine's 2013 Smart 100 List[19] and made the BRW Fast 100 list in 2010 and 2011.[20]


Intelledox partners with industry leaders in information management, including Microsoft (Gold level partner),[21] Oracle (Gold level partner), Fujitsu, Sitecore[22] and Avanade.[23] In June 2014, Intelledox announced a new partnership with Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, whereby Fuji Xerox will act as an authorized reseller of Intelledox Infiniti to offer cloud-based eform and business transformation solutions in the Asia-Pacific market.[24][25]


In September 2014, Intelledox co-founders Phillip Williamson and Michelle Melbourne donated Intelledox's Infiniti software to the Australian National University to help the University streamline its complex administration processes.[26] The gift is estimated to be worth more than $10 million,[26] and has been described as “one of the most exciting, innovative, and useful gifts” ever given to an Australian university.[27] The first application of the software will be to improve travel bookings for staff and students, an administrative process currently estimated to cost $2 million a year.[28]

Additional information[edit]

Intelledox Infiniti is available on-premises, in the cloud or as an iPad/Windows application, Infiniti GO.

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