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Intellivision Amico
Intellivision Amico.png
DeveloperIntellivision Entertainment
ManufacturerArk Electronics
TypeHome video game console
Release date
  • October 10, 2021; 4 months' time (2021-10-10)
Introductory priceUS$249 (Graphite Black & Glacier White)
US$279 (Woodgrain)
US$299 (Galaxy Purple)
MediaDigital downloads
Operating systemCustom Android/Linux operating system
System on a chipUnknown 8-core 1.8 GHz[1]
Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC[2]
Memory2 GB RAM[1]
Storage32 GB flash memory, 1x microSD[1][2]
DisplayHDMI (1080p)[1]
Controller inputIntellivision Amico controller,[1] Android/iOS device, Bluetooth controller[3]
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, wireless contact charging, 1x USB-C[1][2]
Power12V DC barrel plug[2]
Online servicesAmico Game Shop
Dimensions11 × 9.5 × 2.5 in (279.40 × 241.30 × 63.50 mm)[1]

The Intellivision Amico is an upcoming video game console produced by Intellivision Entertainment. The system was first revealed in October 2018 and pre-orders began in April 2019. Initially set to launch on October 10, 2020, the console was delayed to April 15, 2021,[4][5][6] and again to October 10, 2021, exactly one year after its originally intended launch.[7] The system will launch with 35 games, including six pack-in titles.[8]


The Intellivision Amico will mostly feature 2D and 2.5D games. 3D games will be allowed, as long as they are easy to play and easy to learn. Intellivision Entertainment is providing studios with resources they need to develop games to put in their curated library of games. All games must have features exclusive to the console, and must be rated E or E10+ by the ESRB, PEGI 3 or PEGI 7 by PEGI or USK 6 maximum by USK.[9] Intellivision Entertainment plan to release a mixture of new games, motion control games, cards and other tabletop games, educational games, and updated classic video games for the Amico. New versions of many Intellivision games with improved graphics and sound have been announced including some from Imagic. New versions of several classic Atari games as well as other reimagined arcade classics such as Moon Patrol and BurgerTime are expected around launch. Downloadable games, available via the Amico Game Shop, will cost US$9.99 or less at launch, with more expensive games for less than US$40 releasing later.[10] Retail editions with RFID download keys will be available at retail for approximately US$20 to US$30.[11][12][13][14] The Amico's goal is to return to family gaming and "couch co-op" among people in the same location which the company feels has been lost in modern gaming and web-based multiplayer. Because of this, all games will be both single-player and simultaneous local multiplayer, up to eight players. The console will not have online multiplayer at launch.[15]



In May 2018, Tommy Tallarico announced his plans to launch a new Intellivision console and formed a new company, Intellivision Entertainment, serving as president.[16][17] Intellivision Productions was renamed Blue Sky Rangers Inc. and their video game intellectual property was transferred to the new Intellivision Entertainment.[18][19]

At the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in October 2018 the new Intellivision console was unveiled, including its name and launch date of October 10, 2020. Developer kits were expected to go out in Summer 2019.[15] In May 2019, Intellivision Entertainment revealed its first major console exclusive title, announcing that it had assembled ten members of the original Earthworm Jim team to create a fourth installment in the franchise in honor of its 25th anniversary.[20][21] The following month, the company debuted the functioning Amico hardware behind closed doors at E3 2019, allowing industry insiders to play in-development games on one of the functional console variants, and try out the compatible phone controller mobile app.[22]

At Gamescom in Cologne, Germany in August 2019 Tommy Tallarico debuted a trailer that contained in-game footage running on the Amico hardware to the public for the first time.[23] In October 2019, Tommy Tallarico attended Insomnia Dubai, a gaming convention held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to announce they set up an office in Dubai to launch the Amico in the MENA region on the same day as North America and Europe.[24]

In January 2020, Intellivision Entertainment made 2,600 special Founder's Edition vintage wood-grain bundles available for pre-order. The number 2,600 was a jab at long-time competitor Atari and its 2600 console. The allotted amount sold out in five hours. The company opened another round of VIP pre-orders in late March of that year. Within a few days, over 10,000 additional units were pre-ordered with several days remaining in the sale. At that time, Tommy Tallarico stated that Intellivision had also received purchase orders for 100,000 units from major retailers but further orders were put on hold because of manufacturing uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.[25]

The mixed crowdfunding/investment company for video games Fig announced its acquisition by Republic, a larger crowdfunding/investment company in April 2020, allowing Fig to open itself to larger campaigns. On that announcement, it opened a campaign for Amico pre-orders, as well as for those that wanted to invest in the console.[26]

On May 14, 2020, it was announced former Microsoft executive and Xbox co-founder J Allard had joined Intellivision Entertainment to serve as the company's global managing director, assisting the company in launching the Amico.[27]

On August 5, 2020, during a YouTube video special event it was revealed that due to specific quality criteria that could not be fulfilled in time for October 10, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and after consulting with retail partners, distributors, manufacturers and "other trusted allies", the release of the Amico would be delayed from October 10, 2020 to a new target release date of April 15, 2021, or April 3, 2021 (a pun on a rocket launch countdown, presented as "4, 3, 2, 1, launch!") for the Founders Edition consoles, unless the situation caused by the pandemic were to change.[28] On February 17, 2021, in an update video posted to YouTube it was revealed the release of the Amico would be delayed further, also due to issues caused by the pandemic, to October 10, 2021, exactly one year after its originally intended launch.[7]


On September 16, 2020, it was announced that Chinese manufacturer Ark Electronics was awarded the contract to produce the Intellivision Amico due to their experience, expertise and long-standing reputation as a leader of innovation in the manufacturing industry.[29]



The console features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, HDMI out, a microSD card slot, a charging cradle for two Amico controllers on the top, passive cooling, and one USB-C port on the back for accessories and expansions.[1][30][2] The body also features a built-in LED ambient lighting system with 40 independently controlled LEDs[2] that can change pattern and color in response to gameplay, known as Interactive Guidance Lighting.[1][31] This feature is intended to make playing games on the console "fun and memorable" while also helping guide players in an interactive way.[6] The console will launch with five available colors: Glacier White, Graphite Black, Vintage Woodgrain, Galaxy Purple and GTO Red.[32]


Intellivision Amico controller
DeveloperIntellivision Entertainment
TypeVideo game controller
Release dateOctober 10, 2021; 4 months' time (2021-10-10)
Introductory priceApprox. US$60 TBC
CPUUnknown CPU[1]
MemoryUnknown memory[1]
StorageUnknown storage[1]
Display3.2 in (81.28 mm) 4:3 TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen,[33] full-color, 320 × 240 QVGA[1][34] @ 125 ppi
SoundSpeaker, microphone, haptic force feedback[1]
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID[1]
PowerWireless contact charging, USB-C[1]
Dimensions6 × 2.75 × 1 in (152.40 × 69.85 × 25.40 mm)[1]

The Intellivision Amico comes bundled with two controllers, designed to be ambidextrous for right or left handed preference. The controllers can charge when they are placed into their cradle on top of the console, or charge using a wired USB-C connection. The battery charges in 2 hours, and provides 4–6 hours of continuous gameplay on a full charge.[2] They feature Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, speakers, a microphone, an accelerometer, haptic force feedback, and a gyroscope. They also feature a 3.2 in (81.28 mm) full-color touch screen, a home button and a 64-way pressure-sensitive directional disc. Four oversized buttons are placed as two shoulder buttons each for right handed or left handed orientation.[1][35][36] Each shoulder button features an LED light, and the disc is surrounded by a ring of eight LEDs.[37] These LEDs, in addition to the LEDs on the console, have brightness settings, or can be turned off.[2] The controllers come with wrist straps[1] to prevent them from flying away during game action if not held securely. Up to six additional players can connect, with players able to use additionally purchased controllers (in limited cases, including Bluetooth controllers)[3] or a free controller smartphone app in place of an Amico controller when needed.[38]


Tommy Tallarico, president of Intellivision Entertainment, has said the games available for the Amico will be about 20% updated and re-imagined versions of classic video games, 20% original new games, 20% sports and recreation, 20% board/dice/card/word/puzzle games, and 20% educational. All games will be both single player and multiplayer, with some games allowing up to eight players simultaneously. Some games will utilize motion controls (via the accelerometer and gyroscope), touchscreen, or the LEDs.[2][3] Dynamic game difficulty balancing is a goal for the games. The game will change parameters depending on how well a player is doing against their opponent in multiplayer. Six games will come included with the Amico, all of which will be PEGI 7 and USK 6,[9] and an additional 29 are expected to be available at launch, for a total of 35 games. Five of the six included games have been announced as Skiing, Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, Cornhole, and Farkle,[13][22][39][40][41][42][8] with the sixth game being a party game.[43]

The following games have been announced to be released for the Intellivision Amico:
* unofficial name, subject to change

Title (86) Genre Developer Release date
10 Yard Fight Sports 2022 Q3
ACL Cornhole Sports October 9, 2021
Archon Strategy React Games 2022 Q2
Asteroids Shooter, arcade 2021 Q4
Astrosmash Fixed shooter Rogue Rocket Games October 9, 2021
B-17 Bomber Action 2022 Q4
Back Talk Party* Party October 9, 2021
Bad Dudes Beat 'em up
Basketball* Sports 2022 Q3
Battle Tanks Action Lost Mesa Entertainment October 10, 2021
Beauty and the Beast Platform 2022 Q2
Biplanes* Action WastedStudios October 10, 2021
Blank Slate Tabletop game October 10, 2021
Bocce Sports
Bomb Squad Action, puzzle International Headquarters October 10, 2021
Bowling* Sports 2022 Q1
Boxing Sports
Brain Duel Puzzle October 10, 2021
Breakout Arcade Choice Provisions October 10, 2021
Burgertime Arcade 2022 Q1
Burnin' Rubber Arcade
Caveman Ninja Platform
Care Bears* Educational PlayDate Digital October 10, 2021
Cloudy Mountain* Action adventure Other Ocean 2021 Q4
Cosmic Ark Shooter
Darts Sports 2022 Q2
Demon Attack Fixed shooter 2022 Q3
Dolphin Quest Action-adventure Playchemy 2022 Q2
Dracula Action
Dragon Fire Action 2022/23
Dynablaster Action BBG Entertainment October 10, 2021
Earthworm Jim 4 Platform Intellivision Entertainment 2022/23
Emoji Charades Party GameCake October 10, 2021
Evel Knievel* Action Barnstorm Games October 10, 2021
Farkle Tabletop game October 9, 2021
Finnigan Fox Platform Bonus Level Entertainment October 10, 2021
Flying Circus* Action 2022 Q2
Flying Tigers Scrolling shooter 2022 Q2
Football* Sports 2022 Q3
Frog Bog Action 2022 Q1
Frogger[44] Arcade
Golf Sports 2021 Q4
Hockey* Sports 2022 Q4
Horse Racing Racing
Hot Wheels Colossal Crash (formerly SideSwipers) Action October 10, 2021
Ice Trek Action 2022/23
Incan Gold / Diamont* Tabletop game 2021 Q4
Kung-Fu Master Beat 'em up
Liar's Dice Tabletop game The Bitmap Brothers October 10, 2021
Lock 'N' Chase Arcade, maze chase
Lode Runner Platform, puzzle Tozai Games 2022 Q1
Mahjong Tabletop game
Microsurgeon Shooter 2021 Q4
Miner 2049er Platform 2022 Q3
Missile Command Arcade Stainless Games October 10, 2021
MLB Baseball Sports October 10, 2021
Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles Arcade WastedStudios October 10, 2021
MotoRace USA Racing
Night Stalker Shooter Other Ocean 2021 Q4
Nitro Derby Racing Chicken Waffle October 10, 2021
Pinball Arcade 2022 Q2
Pong Action Way Digital Studios October 10, 2021
Pool & Billiards* Sports Pool Legends IVS October 10, 2021
R-Type Scrolling shooter
Rigid Force Redux Enhanced Shooter (horizontal scrolling) com8com1, Headup October 10, 2021
Running Man* Endless runner
Safecracker Action, puzzle 2021 Q4
Sesame Street Math Fun Educational October 10, 2021
Shark! Shark! Action Neobird, Bonus Level Entertainment October 9, 2021
Shuffleboard Sports
Skiing Sports Aesir Interactive October 9, 2021
Snafoo Action Thera Bytes October 10, 2021
Space Strikers Action Couch in the Woods Interactive 2021 Q4
Spades* Card Concrete Software October 10, 2021
Spelunker Platform 2022 Q2
Soccer* Sports 2021 Q4
Sub Hunt Action
Telestrations Party 2021 Q4
Tempest Shooter, arcade 2022 Q2
Texas Hold'em* Card
ToeJam & Earl Action 2022 Q2
Tron Deadly Discs[45] Action Other Ocean
Tropical Angel Action
Utopia Real-time strategy, city building 2022 Q2
Warlords Action Stainless Games 2022 Q2
White Water Action

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Operating system[edit]

The Intellivision Amico utilizes a custom Android/Linux operating system developed in-house. In an interview with GamesBeat, Tommy Tallarico described the operating system as "very solid", but "very flexible", stating Linux is the "flexible" part and Android is the "solid" part.[40]


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