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Intense X, formerly known as Intense AI or Intense Dialogues, is a 3D computer game plug-in for the 3D Game Studio Engine. Intense X allows game designers with or without programming experience to create the games they want, using no programming at all.

Creating a shotgun weapon with Intense X


Intense X was started by two independent game developers in 2003 and was originally intended to be sold as separate products depending on the needs of the client. The first product released, created on the A4 Game Studio Engine, was Intense Dialogues. Intense Dialogues was a revolutionary product for its time, adding dialogue to your game with little programming. Shortly afterwards, Intense Path Finding, a freeware path finding solution, was released to the Game Studio community.

Development of Intense AI, an artificial intelligence plug-in to add realism to game NPCs, began in 2004. During development, a new vision was realized. The idea came to make a complete plug-in for the 3D Game Studio Engine that allowed Game developers to make the games they want without needing any programming.

Intense X Beta was released in 2007. Shortly after release, the next generation Game Studio engine was released and Intense X was rebuilt from the ground up. Intense X Copper was released for Presale in May 2008.

Internal Engines[edit]

Adding an NPC action to an enemy

Intense X has three main engines that make it unlike any other non-programming solution.

The Integrated Panel Engine[edit]

The new Panel Engine is the newest feature for Intense X. This panel system allows Intense X to be integrated directly into the Level editor.

The Intense AI Engine[edit]

At the core of Intense X is the Intense AI engine. This AI system creates intelligent enemies that can act in group behaviors and engage in any type of attack. The AI also enables the NPCs to maneuver their way around any type of level, whether or not it was created with Intense X in mind.

The Intense Pathfinding Engine[edit]

The Editions[edit]

Intense Illusions currently offers one edition of Intense X with three more currently in development. Intense Illusions also offers a freeware path finding solution.

Intense X Copper[edit]

Intense X Copper is the first edition of Intense X to be released.

Intense Pathfinding[edit]

Intense Pathfinding is a freeware solution to add path-finding capabilities to levels created in Game Studio.

Intense Model Packs[edit]

Intense Illusions offers animated models that can be plugged directly into Intense X or can be used alone.

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