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Inter-Athletic Conference
RegionDelaware Valley,
United States
Former namesInteracademic Athletic Association

The Inter-Academic League (officially the Inter-Academic Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity, commonly known as the Inter-Ac) is an inter-scholastic athletic conference. The high school sports league consists of selective private schools in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. The schools were organized into a conference early in 1887 when they came together as the Interacademic Athletic Association (the name was later shortened to its present configuration). Two initial sports offered by the league were football and track and field.

It was one of the earliest permanent interscholastic football leagues,[1] and the rivalry between Penn Charter and Germantown Academy is perhaps the oldest football rivalry in the country.[2]

Early members were Germantown Academy, Haverford Grammar, Penn Charter, De Lancey, Friends' Central School, Swarthmore High School, and Episcopal Academy. In the first decade after the turn of the century the league increased the number of sports, adding ice hockey, baseball, tennis, and basketball.[1]

Member schools[edit]

Boys' Members:

Girls' Members:

^b This is an all-boys school, and therefore does not have a field hockey or softball team.

^g This is an all-girls school, and therefore does not have a football or baseball or wrestling team.

# Springside School and Chestnut Hill Academy officially merged in 2011 to become Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.


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