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Inter-Activa Ltd is a UK digital lab that focuses in original Transmedia. They are also known for having created Machinima work (animation made with videogames) since 2000, virtual world content since 2004 [1] and having promoted the use of videogames in artistic and educational settings [2] [3][4].


Inter-Activa Ltd UK was founded by Ricard Gras [5] after becoming Director at Arts & Technology Partnerships, an interactive media research agency part of Loughborough University. They have worked as development producers and consultants of Social Games & media and collaborated in projects alongside organisations such as Electronic Arts[6], AKQA and SEGA [7] et al.

In 2004 Inter-Activa created a project entitled Machinima Island where they invited audiences to collaborate in the organic development of a narrative that was then developed inside a virtual world using Machinima techniques. Apart from being able to watch the clips and participate creatively online, audiences were also invited to send SMS's with comments. Machinima Island received 3 nominations & won the Best technical Achievement award at the 2007 Machinima Festival [8]. In 2009 Inter-Activa also won the UK Technology Strategy Board award [9]. Also during 2009 the company produced the Machinima content for Submarine's/Channel4 documentary into virtual worlds entitled "Another Perfect World" [10]. During 2010 and 2011 Inter-Activa worked on VLOGGER [11] - an experimental transmedia project that combines real-action film & Machinima co-produced with Zentropa[12]. The project used social media and virtual worlds to explore audience participation.



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