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Inter-App Audio (IAA) is a technology developed by Apple Inc and designed to route audio and MIDI signals between various applications within devices based on the iOS mobile operating system. The technology was first introduced in 2013 in the seventh version of iOS.

Inter-App Audio Block Diagram


Inter-App Audio is a Host-Plugin technology. This means that the application is called the host can initiate connection to node (plug-in) application(s) in order to send and receive audio and send MIDI, timeline etc. signals. Also, host application can receive remote control signals from node application.

Node applications[edit]

Node applications can be of the following types:

  • Instruments (can receive MIDI signals and produce audio signals)
  • Generators (can produce audio signals)
  • Effects (can receive, transform and send back audio signals)


At the moment, audio signal routing is only possible with a frequency of 44 100 Hz.

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