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InterCity Express
ICE 155 south of North Gympie - 2 May 2010.jpg
ICE155 near Gympie in May 2010
Manufacturer Walkers Limited
Built at Maryborough
Entered service 1988
Number built 20 carriages
Formation 4-6 carriage sets
Fleet numbers 151-158
Operator(s) Queensland Rail
Train length 95.6 m (313 ft 8 in)
Width 2.7 m (8 ft 10 in)
Height 3.9 m (12 ft 10 in)
Maximum speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Power supply (?)
Electric system(s) 25 kV AC overhead lines
Current collection method Pantograph
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The InterCity Express are a class of electric multiple units manufactured by Walkers Limited, Maryborough for Queensland Rail. They were built to operate the Spirit Of Capricorn service on the North Coast line service between Brisbane and Rockhampton. The trains have been used on commuter rail services in South East Queensland since 2003.


ICE156 in original livery and with wrap around windows on the Spirit Of Capricorn at Bundaberg in 1989.

The InterCity Express EMUs were ordered from Walkers Limited, Maryborough to operate the Spirit Of Capricorn service between Brisbane and Rockhampton following the electrification of the North Coast line. Electrical equipment was provided by ABB.[1] In 1998, the faster Electric Tilt Train replaced most Spirit of Capricorn services, which were reduced to once a week from 1998 then discontinued on 24 May 2003, when the Diesel Tilt Train service to Cairns was launched.

They briefly operated on the Gold Coast line following the extension to Robina in 1998 and then on the Corinda-Yeerongpilly line. Since 2003, ICEs have been used by Citytrain for interurban services exclusively on the Nambour and Gympie North line.

The trains have undergone a makeover since their introduction, adding new high-visibility lights, yellow doors, upgraded toilets and as for the EMU sets, changed to squared-off windows on the cabs, instead of the original wrap-around windows. Unlike the EMU sets, these sets have not received a push button retrofit during their refurbishment program and these units are also the only type in the Queensland Rail fleet to retain use of the original calico blinds, as opposed to the advanced MobiTEC electronic destination board display.


The carriages can be configured to run in four, five or six car configuration. Two power pairs can be accompanied by either one or two trailers cars to form a 5 or 6 car ICE train. A power pair consists of two power cars with ABB thyristor drive equipment, one of which includes the driver's cab. The power pairs are numbered 151-158.

A power pair can also be coupled with an EMU set, to form a 5-car ICE/EMU hybrid unit. The ICE/EMU Hybrid was only used on Nambour & Gympie North services. The hybrid combination has ever since been discontinued.


All the ICE sets, along with the Electric Multiple Unit are due to be replaced by the New Generation Rollingstock as soon as the first new set enters service.[2]


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