InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

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InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
The Amstel Hotel on the bank of the Amstel river
General information
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates 52°21′36″N 4°54′21.6″E / 52.36000°N 4.906000°E / 52.36000; 4.906000
Opening 1867
Owner Toufic Aboukhater
Management InterContinental Hotels Group
Design and construction
Architect Cornelis Outshoorn
Other information
Number of rooms 55
Number of suites 24
Number of restaurants 2 (1 restaurant and 1 brasserie)

The InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel or Amstel Hotel is a five-star hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the east bank of the river Amstel.

In 2007 it was the only hotel in the Netherlands on the list of World's Best Hotels. It was ranked in 90th place.[1]

The Amstel Hotel is part of the InterContinental Hotels chain. In 2006 the building was sold to Morgan Stanley. In 2011 the Lebanese businessman Toufic Aboukhater bought the hotel, but it is still operated by the InterContinental Hotels Group[2]


The Intercontinental Amstel is a five star hotel with all luxuries, with 55 rooms and 24 suites. Besides that it has a bar, brasserie, fitness room and a swimming pool.

Restaurant La Rive has earned one or two Michelin stars since 1993.[3][4][5][6][7]


Samuel Sarphati, a physician and city planner, took the initiative to build the hotel, although he died in June 1866 before the hotel opened. The architect of the building was Cornelis Outshoorn. Originally it was the planning to build the front of the hotel towards the present Sarphatistraat. Due to financial problems, only the wing along the Amstel was built.[8]


In late September 1992, the Amstel Hotel was reopened after a two-year renovation. During the two-year closure, craftsmen, artisans and engineers restored the entire hotel, at a cost of over ƒ70 million.[citation needed] The former 111 rooms were changed in 55 luxury rooms and 24 stylish suites.[9]

In October 2004 a test revealed the presence of legionella in the watersystem. As a measure of precaution the hotel was evacuated and the guest transferred to other luxurious hotels.[10][11] Several measures are undertaken to prevent a repeat of the incident, like the installation of special filters.[12]


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Coordinates: 52°21′36″N 4°54′22″E / 52.360°N 4.906°E / 52.360; 4.906