InterLiga 2009 Final

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After both finals have been played, both winners qualify to the Copa Libertadores. Of the two winners, the team with the highest points during the group stages will be dubbed "Mexico 2"


All times EST

GK 1 Colombia Miguel Calero (c)
DF 22 Mexico Paúl Aguilar YC 70'
DF 2 Mexico Leobardo López
DF 26 Argentina Javier Muñoz
DF 4 Mexico Marco Iván Pérez
MF 11 Mexico José María Cárdenas Substituted off 58'
MF 6 Mexico Jaime Correa
MF 18 United States José Francisco Torres
MF 19 Argentina Christian Giménez Substituted off 71'
FW 10 Paraguay Edgar Benitez Substituted off 54'
FW 21 Panama Blas Pérez
GK 30 Mexico Rodolfo Cota
FW 27 Mexico Edy Germán Brambila
MF 8 Mexico Gabriel Caballero Substituted in 54'
MF 16 Mexico Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez Substituted in 58'
MF 15 Mexico Luis Montes
FW 9 Mexico Ulises Mendivil
MF 7 Argentina Damián Álvarez Substituted in 71'
Mexico Enrique Meza
GK 21 Mexico Pedro Hernández
DF 4 Mexico Luis Enrique Robles
DF 2 Chile Ismael Fuentes
DF 16 Mexico Hugo Ayala Yellow cardYellow cardRed card 41', 45'
DF 30 Mexico Dárvin Chávez
MF 8 Mexico Lucas Ayala
MF 55 Mexico Oscar Vera Substituted off 38'
MF 17 Paraguay Jorge Achucarro YC 42'
MF 18 Argentina Dario Botinelli Substituted off 64'
FW 11 Argentina Bruno Marioni (c) YC 85'
FW 9 Uruguay Gonzalo Vargas Substituted off 81'
GK 12 Mexico José Francisco Canales
DF 6 Mexico Jorge Torres Nilo Substituted in 38'
MF 22 Mexico Edgar Pacheco Substituted in 64'
DF 53 Mexico Néstor Vidrio
MF 7 Mexico Jorge Hernández
MF 25 Mexico Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Substituted in 81'
Argentina Dario Franco

Assistant referees:
Mexico Kermit Quinsenberry
Mexico CJ Morgante
Fourth official:
United States Kevin Stott

Guadalajara Mexico 1 – 1 Mexico Morelia
Fabián Goal 65' (Report) Ochoa Goal 57' (o.g.)
Ochoa Penalty scored
Fabián Penalty scored
Reynoso Penalty scored
Pineda Penalty scored
4 – 2 Penalty missed Tiago
Penalty scored Cabrera
Penalty scored Rojas
Penalty missed Droguett
Home Depot Center, Carson, California
Attendance: 27,000
Referee: Baldomero Toledo (United States)
GK 1 Mexico Luis Ernesto Michel
DF 33 Mexico Mario de Luna Substituted off 65'
DF 4 Mexico Héctor Reynoso
DF 5 Mexico Patricio Araujo YC 59'
DF 20 Mexico Edgar Mejia Substituted off 74'
MF 18 Mexico Xavier Baez
MF 17 Mexico Sergio Amaury Ponce
MF 13 Mexico Sergio Ávila Substituted off 68'
MF 11 Mexico Ramón Morales (c)
FW 10 Mexico Alberto Medina
FW 27 Mexico Carlos Ochoa
GK 30 Mexico Víctor Hugo Hernández
DF 6 Mexico Omar Esparza
MF 16 Mexico Edgar Solís
MF 7 Mexico Gonzalo Pineda Substituted in 68'
MF 8 Mexico Marco Fabián Substituted in 65'
MF 24 Mexico Francisco Mendoza
FW 14 Mexico Javier Hernández Substituted in 74'
Mexico Efraín Flores
GK 23 Mexico Moisés Muñoz YC 93'
DF 27 Mexico Omar Trujillo YC 21'
DF 3 Mexico Alberto Lucio
DF 26 Argentina Mauricio Romero YC 15'
DF 7 Mexico Marvin Cabrera YC 51'
MF 5 Brazil Wilson Tiago
MF 13 Mexico Fernando Salazar Yellow cardYellow cardRed card 49', 67'
MF 16 Mexico Adrián Aldrete
MF 11 Chile Hugo Droguett YC 89'
FW 77 Mexico Elias Hernández Substituted off 72'
FW 18 Peru Andrés Mendoza Substituted off 83'
GK 1 Mexico Miguel Ángel Fraga
DF 45 Mexico Adalberto Palma
DF 71 Mexico Enrique Pérez
MF 8 Mexico Ignacio Carrasco
MF 10 Costa Rica Oscar Emilio Rojas Substituted in 72'
FW 14 Mexico Ever Guzmán
FW 9 Mexico Miguel Sabah Substituted in 83'
Mexico Luis Fernando Tena

Assistant referees:
United States
United States
Fourth official:
United States