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Industry Video games
Founded 1989
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Products Mage Knight: Apocalypse
Iron Phoenix
M2 Online
Meteor Blade

InterServ International Inc. (simplified Chinese: 昱泉国际; traditional Chinese: 昱泉國際) is a provider of game development and art outsourcing services in Asia based in Taipei, Taiwan. InterServ caters to large international developers and publishers and provides development and art production services for PC, current consoles, next generation consoles, online games and MMOG game platforms. Since 1989, InterServ has grown to over 300 employees and 3 international locations in Asia and the United States. InterServ is a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.


InterServ was founded by Sheree Tsao in 1989 after she left Hewlett-Packard Taiwan. InterServ began as a CD-ROM and software developer, specializing in educational software including English, Mathematics, and Chinese language games. In 1995, InterServ releases their first game Takalamagan - the Legend of Dunhuang, across PC, Saturn, and PlayStation platforms. In 1998, InterServ releases Yamaraja - The Magic Dungeon, the first domestically produced 3D game in Taiwan.

In 2000, InterServ expanded its operations into to China by opening a full production studio in Shanghai. This expansion led to more growth in size and capability, adding more artists and increasing the capability in game development and art asset production. In 2001, InterServ released Swordman Online,the first locally developed MMOG which had a registered base of 1.5 million users in Asia.

In 2002, InterServ continued its expansion by opening an office in Irvine, California. InterServ also went public on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, making it one of the largest public game development companies in the world. Since then, InterServ has released 6 game titles for PC, consoles, and MMOG. The most notable releases were Iron Phoenix, winner of the Most Innovative Game of E3 in 2004 and Mage Knight: Apocalypse in 2006. Their first game for Xbox Live Arcade, Word Puzzle, was released on November 7, 2007.

Comprehensive Services[edit]

InterServ is unique in the game development services segment in Asia as it offers many in-house services. InterServ offers full game development capability, art asset production for current and next-gent, development for online games and MMOG platforms, programming services, and in-house QA services. Their versatility also includes the capability to produce games and assets for any number of platforms including PC, current and next-gen consoles, online, MMOG, and cross-platform systems. They are also experience in producing games and assets for all market segments including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, the UK, and the US.

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