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The Inter Varsity Dance Competition (IVDC) is an annual student dancesport competition organised by Inter Varsity Dance Association (IVDA). The IVDA write rules regarding entries, dress code and which dances will be part of the competition.

IVDC is organised by the Inter Varsity Dancesport Association

All UK universities may send representatives provided they are a member of the IVDA, and students who study at universities that do not have teams may gain special consideration to dance for another university. Currently approximately 33 UK universities take part in the competition.

Whilst dancesport in the UK has seen a decline that shows like Strictly Come Dancing have rectified, the Inter Varsity Dance Association (IVDA) has remained consistently popular and struggles to find a UK venue large enough for its annual competition. Since 2007 the competitions have been hosted at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

At this time there is no student equivalent in other countries although the US has a strong student scene, and mainland Europe is building up its own competition scene.

IVDC is run with cooperation from the IDTA and the English amateur dancesport association ltd but remains an independent competition.

Competition and events[edit]

IVDC is an annual event running since 1962 and hosted by different UK member universities and normally occurs in February or March each year. There are individual competitions during the day in ballroom, Latin, rock'n'roll, offbeat and the Team Match.[1]

For the Latin and Ballroom Events students are divided according to experience: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Ex Students are also able to compete in some competitions. In lower ranking competitions dress restrictions apply. Beginners are encouraged and there is the "Best Beginners Team Trophy" which presented to the university with the most successful beginners overall. Other individual returnable trophies available:

  • The Timur Olegovich Gulinskiy Advanced modern Trophy (In memory of a Leeds Dancesport Student who died whilst studying in 2000)
  • The Novice Modern Trophy
  • The Intermediate Modern Trophy
  • The Far’s Advanced Latin Trophy
  • The Novice Latin Trophy
  • The Intermediate Latin Trophy
  • Ex-students ballroom trophy
  • Ex-students Latin trophy
  • The Dance Basics best Beginners’ Trophy (awarded to the Beginner couple finishing highest over all four Beginners’ events)
  • The Choice of London Rock ‘n’ Roll Trophy
  • The Edna Murphy Shield (presented to the most promising couple, as decided by the Chairman of Adjudicators)
  • The Far’s Dance Best Newcomer Trophy (awarded to the couple who receive the highestmarks in the team match and who have never competed in an IVDC team match before)

The Offbeat Competition is a "Fun" team "freestyle" even - the university can enter a 3-minute routine in any dance style. Interpretations vary from fun routines such as "The Full Monty" to serious high quality street dance routines. The Offbeat Winners Shield is presented to the winning team.

The most important event of the competition is the team match, which pits teams of 32 dancers from each member university against each other (These are split into teams of 8: A, B, C, D). This competition has undergone a drastic overhaul in recent years following innovations by Alistair Braden whilst at Bristol University. The team match is now a two-division system that ranks all universities entered, instead of the traditional team match. The following Team Trophies are awarded at IVDC:

  • The EADA Overall IVDA Champions Trophy (presented to the university placed first in the overall rankings)
  • The Choice IVDA Overall Runners-Up Trophy
  • The Far’s Dance A-Team Winners Trophy
  • The Choice IVDA A-Team Runners-Up Trophy
  • The B-Team Winners Shield
  • The IDTA B-TEam Runners-Up Trophy
  • The C-Team Winners Shield
  • The IDTA C-Team Runners-Up Trophy
  • The D-Team Winners Trophy
  • The IDTA D-Team Runners-Up Trophy
  • The EADA IVDA Division 2 Winners Trophy
  • The Choice IVDA Division 2 Runners-Up Trophy
  • The IVDA Challenge Trophy (presented to the highest-placed university composed entirely of teams in division 2)

The trophies held in the highest regard are the EADA Overall trophy and the A-Team trophy.

History of results[edit]

Year Team match (A Team Trophy) Advanced ballroom Advanced Latin Location
2017 Cambridge Mathew Stoneman, Yasmine Young (London) Tianci Ma, Adela Capilnasiu (Imperial) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2016 Cambridge Filip Bar, Yasmine Young (Cambridge) Roland Parandi, Jessica Quirke (Oxford) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2015 Cambridge James Lewis, Rebecca Murray (Nottingham) Kien Trinh, Kirsty Mary Davies (Cambridge) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2014 Cambridge Joe Johnson, Eva Johnson (Cambridge) Nathan Clark, Sarah Buckley (Bristol) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2013 Oxford Kyle Taylor, Polina Shklyaeva (Liverpool) Kyle Taylor, Polina Shklyaeva (Liverpool) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2012 Cambridge Kyle Taylor, Polina Shklyaeva (Liverpool) Kyle Taylor, Poline Shklyaeva (Liverpool) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2011 Oxford Graham Dixon, Robyn Price (Nottingham) Arman Sahovic, Maria Naumchenko (Imperial) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2010[2] Oxford Arman Sahovic, Maria Naumchenko (Imperial) Tudor Balan, Janet Gooi (Manchester) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2009[3] Cambridge Arman Sahovic, Anne Marie Wirth (Imperial) Peter Kecskemethy, Reka Balogh (Oxford) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2008 Cambridge Ryan Lamb, Katie Armstrong (Durham) Ivan Lubenko, Pippa Underwood (Oxford) Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2007 Cambridge Ryan Lamb, Katie Armstrong (Durham) Lev Kravchencko, Toni Isaacs (Bristol)[4] Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2006 Cambridge Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg (Cambridge) Alexander Hobbs, Samantha Jayatilaka (Imperial) Guildford Spectrum
2005[5] Bristol Nick Faull, Ju Min Wong (Oxford)[6] Arun Arumugam, Lisa Pesik Winter Gardens, Blackpool
2004 Oxford Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg (Cambridge) Nick Faull, Harriet Smith (Oxford) Stoke-on-Trent
2003[7] Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff (3 way tie) Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg (Cambridge) Scott Bradley, Sarah Adams (Cambridge) Watford
2002[8] Oxford Martin Bird, Shelley Bird (Reading) Igor Strukov, Rebecca Emmott (Sheffield) Stoke-on-Trent
2001[9] Oxford Martin Bird, Shelley Bird (Reading)


Ellis Williams, Indika Gunaratne (Imperial)[10] Stoke-on-Trent
2000 Cambridge Martin Bird, Shelley Bird(Reading) George Georghiou, Lucy Jones (Cambridge) Guildford
1999 Imperial S Richmond & J.Silmon-Clyde (Imperial) Oxford
1998 London A Walker & S.E Long (Liv/York) Manchester
1997 Imperial A Walker & J Killup (Liv) London - Watford Collosseum
1996 Imperial Mark Birchenough, Shannah Long (Liv/York) UEA
1995 Oxford Mark Birchenough, Shannah Long (Liv/York) Hull
1994 Imperial Mark Birchenough, Shannah Long (Liv/York) Liverpool
1993 Imperial P Latter & H Schafer (Cambridge) Imperial
1992 Imperial MC Bath & G Rydill (Liv) Nottingham
1991 Imperial MC Robinson & CA Turner (B'ham) Birmingham
1990 Oxford MC Robinson & CA Turner (Aston) Hull
1989 Cambridge S Thompson & M Webber (Bristol) Southampton
1988 Leeds Liverpool
1987 Cambridge Bristol
1986 Cambridge Leicester
1985 Imperial Cambridge
1984 Oxford Warwick
1983 Oxford Lancaster
1982 Oxford Southampton
1981 Lancaster Oxford
1980 Oxford Cambridge
1979 Cambridge Lancaster
1978 Liverpool Liverpool
1977 Liverpool Imperial
1976 Liverpool Exeter
1975 Liverpool Newcastle
1974 Liverpool Imperial - Lyceum Ballroom
1973 Leeds Manchester
1972 Leeds Liverpool
1971 Leeds Leeds - Leeds Refectory
1970 Manchester Bristol
1969 Cambridge
1968 UCL
1967 Liverpool
1966 Liverpool
1965 Leicester
1964 Liverpool
1963 Manchester

The Offbeat results are as follows:
2016 Nottingham
2015 Cardiff
2014 Manchester
2013 Kent
2012 Liverpool
2011 Birmingham
2010 Imperial
2007 Imperial
2005 Imperial
2004 Sheffield
2003 Bristol
2002 Sheffield
2001 Cambridge
2000 London
1999 Essex
1998 Sheffield
1997 Imperial
1996 Bath
1995 Imperial
1994 Nottingham
1993 Imperial
1992 Manchester
1991 Bath
1974 Manchester

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