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IEntertainment Network (IENT, stylized as iEntertainment Network and formerly known as Interactive Magic, iMagic, and iMagiconline) is an American video game company founded by Bill Stealey, the co-founder and former CEO of MicroProse Software, in 1995.[1] It is chiefly a developer and publisher of simulation computer games.

The company was noted for hiring many industry outsiders, i.e. skilled software engineers with no prior experience in making games.[2] Interactive Magic went public in 1998 and was sold to a venture capitalist in 1999, when Bill Stealey left the company; Stealey returned in the early 2000s. The company has published Air Warrior II, Air Warrior III, American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox,[3] Apache, Capitalism, Destiny: World Domination from Stone Age to Space Age, Fallen Haven, Hind, iF-22, iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter, iM1A2 Abrams, Industry Giant, Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom, Liberation Day, North vs. South: The Great American Civil War, Seven Kingdoms, Spearhead, Star Rangers, Semper Fi, The Great Battles (series), Thunder Brigade, Vangers, War Inc., and WarBirds (series), among other titles.


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