Blitz Games

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Blitz Games
Industry Video games
Founded 1990 (as Interactive Studios Ltd, renamed in 1999)
Defunct 2013
Headquarters Warwickshire, England
Parent Blitz Games Studios

Blitz Games (formally known as Interactive Studios) was a division of Blitz Games Studios and was responsible for producing its family titles, which were often licensed games based on well known IP. It was located in Warwickshire, England. It specialized in producing mass-market family games on all console formats using their own middleware.

Blitz Games was the overall company name until 2008 when it was renamed/rebranded to Blitz Games Studios, to better reflect the variety of divisions and it was providing.

On 12 September 2013, Blitz Games Studios announced in an official statement that they had ceased trading after 23 years after being unable to secure funds to sustain the business.[1]



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