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Interactive Video Compositing (or IVC) is a technical interactive use of pre-rendered videos and still graphics to create a visual coherence permitting the use of the whole work in an interactive concept.

The differences with video compositing are in the final product. An "IVC" is produced with the goal to purpose an interactive experiment with rich media.

The most popular examples come from video games using this before the propagation of real time 3D processes. On the internet, some websites (generally in Adobe Flash) make use of this technique for visual rendering with some effects.

Games using IVC[edit]

Websites using IVC[edit]

  • (in English) [1] Soundcircus - self-promotion
  • (in English) [2] Intel - Meintru3d
  • (in English) [3] The Podcats - France Télévision
  • (in French) [4] ComCast Town - self-promotion


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  • (in English) [5] Interactive Video Compositing Art.

External links[edit]

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