Interamna Lirenas

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Interamna Lirenas
Interamna Lirenas is located in Lazio
Interamna Lirenas
Shown within Lazio
Region Lazio
Coordinates 41°26′25.404″N 13°47′13.9452″E / 41.44039000°N 13.787207000°E / 41.44039000; 13.787207000
Type settlement
Founded 312 BC
Cultures Roman Republic
Site notes
Excavation dates 2010-2012
Archaeologists Martin Millett; Alessandro Launaro
Condition ruined
Public access yes

Interamna Lirenas was an ancient Roman colony near the current Pignataro Interamna, in the southern province of Frosinone, central Italy.[1]


Interamna Lirenas was founded in 312 BC as a colony of Latins in an area perhaps already housing Volscan settlements, on the route of the Via Latina.[2] It was situated at the confluence of the Liri and Rio Spalla Bassa rivers, whence the name "Interamna" (meaning "between the rivers").[3]

Interamna Lirenas served as a military base during the Samnite Wars, leading to its destruction by the Samnites in 294 BC.[4] It was again ravaged by Hannibal in 212 BC; since it later sided with Carthage, after the Carthaginian defeat at Zama in 202 BC it was forced by Rome to pay heavy tribute. It became a municipium in 90 BC. The site received further settled veterans ca. 40 BC.[5]

Archaeological remains include numerous inscriptions and a few remains of buildings.[6] The archaeological site has been sampled by use of geophysical techniques (including magnetometry), leading to the discovery of the site of a Roman theater.[7][8]


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