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IndustryFinancial services
FoundedLima, Peru, 1897
Key people
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor, chairman
Increase S/ 270.35 million PEN (2008)
Total assetsS/ 14.57 billion PEN (2008)
Number of employees
4737 (2008)

Interbank is a Peruvian provider of financial services.


Interbank office in Arequipa

In 1897, Elias Mujica opened an agency at Jiron de la Union in Lima's historical center under the name of Banco Internacional. In 1934, branches were opened in Chiclayo and Arequipa, and later expansions included Piura, Sullana and other places in Peru.

Under the military government of Juan Velasco Alvarado, in 1970, the national bank (Banco de la Nacion) purchased Banco Internacional and changed its name to "Banca Asociada del Pais". Ten years later, under the democratic government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, the bank changed its name to InterBanc but it was still property of the Peruvian government.

In July 1994, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Sr. along with several North American businessmen purchased 91% of the bank's stocks. The new owners changed the name to Interbank.

In 2004, Interbank bought the supermarket chain Supermercados Santa Isabel from the transnational Ahold, and they founded Supermercados Peruanos. They have offices inside Vivanda and Plaza Vea stores. Currently, Interbank has 230 branches, called "tiendas" or stores, over 1,500 ATMs, and over 1,500 Interbank Agentes in Peru.


Interbank provides ATM services under the GlobalNet brand which accept debit and credit cards from around the world, as well as permitting cash deposits. Interbank also provides change machines which exchange notes for coins.

Utility bills can be paid at Interbank branches.

In popular culture[edit]

In the movie Don't Look Up, final post-credit scenes depict the owner of Interbank in a cryogenic sleep chamber, among other bourgeois billionaires, having survived the planet-killer comet that destroyed Earth. Having slept for over 70,000 years, the chambers are shown to start opening.

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