Interbank Burundi

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Interbank Burundi
Founded1993 (1993)
Key people
Georges Coucoulis
Callixte Mutabazi
(Chief Executive Officer)
ProductsLoans, Savings, Transaction account, Investments, Debit Cards, Credit Cards
RevenueIncrease BIF:3.7 billion (US$2.4 million) (2013)
Total assetsBIF:304.56 billion (US$198 million) (2013)

Interbank Burundi, often called Interbank, is a commercial bank in Burundi. It is licensed by the Bank of the Republic of Burundi, the national banking regulator.[1]

The bank is a medium-sized financial services provider in Burundi, serving both individuals and businesses. As of April 2016, Interbank was the second largest commercial bank in Burundi, with a market-share of 25%.[2] As of 31 December 2013, the bank's total assets were valued at BIF:304.56 billion (approx. US$198 million), with shareholders' equity of BIF:36.34 billion (approx. US$23.6 million).[3]


The bank was founded in 1993 by citizens and non-citizens of Burundi, representing over ten nationalities.

Branch network[edit]

As of December 2013, Interbank Burundi has a network of branches in Bujumbura (the largest city and former capital of Burundi) and in the provinces. Some of the locations where the bank maintains branches include the following:

  1. Main Branch – 15 Avenue de l'Industrie, Bujumbura
  2. Marché Central Branch – Avenue d'Allemagne, Bujumbura
  3. Quartier Asiatique Branch – Avenue Ntahangwa, Bujumbura
  4. Place de l'Indépendance Branch – Avenue du Commerce, Bujumbura
  5. Market Branch = Bujumbura Central Market, Avenue de la Croix-Rouge, Bujumbura
  6. Buyenzi Branch – 20th Avenue, Bujumbura
  7. Jabe Branch – Avenue de la Jeunesse, Bujumbura
  8. Ngozi Branch – RNG Road, Ngozi
  9. Kirundo Branch – Kirundo
  10. Gitega Branch – Gitega
  11. Muyinga Branch – Muyinga
  12. Makamba Branch – Makamba
  13. Rumonge Branch - Rumonge
  14. Kayanza Branch - Kayanza
  15. Bubanza Branch - Bubanza
  16. Masanganzira Branch - Masanganzira
  17. Ruyigi Branch - Ruyigi
  18. Cankuzo Branch - Cankuzo
  19. Mabanda Branch - Mabanda

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