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Interchim S.A.
private (Société Anonyme)
Industry Biotechnology
Founded 1970
Headquarters Montluçon, (France); San Diego, United States; UK
Key people
Lionel Boch (CEO)
Products fine chemistry, chromatography and bio-analysis
Number of employees
~150 (2010)
Subsidiaries Interchim Inc., Cheshire

Interchim is a privately owned French company specialized in manufacturing and distribution of reagents, consumables and dedicated instruments for the R&D and industry laboratory in the fields of fine chemistry, chromatography and bio-analysis.

It has become a leading provider of reference methods, innovative products and solutions, for analytics (analytical chemistry and bioassays) serving research and quality control in the biomedical field, pharmaceutical industry, but also cosmetics and environment.


Interchim was founded by Boch Jean (formerly chemical engineer at Rhone-Poulenc) and Boch Colette in 1970. The activity started with distribution of fine chemicals, then chromatography and Biology. Production was developed as well, in each fields. Affiliate companies were created for production and commercial activities in France, UK (2003), USA (2007) and Instrumentation business (2010). Interchim has now major activity in fine chromatography, fine chemistry and bio-analysis. Leadership in analytical sciences is based on distribution from leading groups (Agilent, Perkin Elmer,[1] Jackson Immunoresearch, Novus, Radleys...), collaborations and proprietary innovative products.


  • The activity in Chromatography spans HPLC, LC/MS, FPLC, MPLC - GC, GC/MS, GPC, GFC - RMN - AA, IR, ICP, UV – SPE. Interchim notably introduced new generation silica chromatography media (UptiSphere that has become a standard worldwide,[2] Strategy, Atoll[3] ).


Interchim (headquarters) web site

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