Intercity Baseball Tournament

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Intercity Baseball Tournament
Sport Baseball
Founded 1927
No. of teams 32
Country  Japan
Most recent
Tokyo (JR East)
TV partner(s) NHK, Gaora
Official website

The Intercity Baseball Tournament (都市対抗野球大会 Toshi Taikō yakyū taikai) of Japan, commonly known as "Summer All-star" (真夏の球宴 manatsu no kyūen), is an annual nationwide City baseball tournament. The winners are awarded the "Black Lion Flag" (黒獅子旗 kurojishi ki), runner-up are awarded the "White Lion Flag" (白獅子旗 shirojishi ki).



  1. ^ The 2011 game was moved to October due to 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the venue was moved from Tokyo Dome to Osaka Dome, instead, the Industrial League Championship was not held that year.

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